22nd August 2016

National Press:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Lives At Stake: Students Compelled To Attend Classes In Dilapidated School

The administration of Centennial Model School for Boys Mardan has permitted students to take classes even though cracks have emerged in the walls and roof of the school. The cracks occurred after an earthquake hit the district on October 26, 2015.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1167185/lives-stake-students-compelled-attend-classes-dilapidated-school/


Students Warn Of Protest In Mardan

President of Muttahida Talaba Mahaz of Government Post Graduate College Mardan, on Sunday, warned that the students would start a protest against the college administration if the problems of the students were not solved in due time. Sajjad Hoti was addressing a meeting of the Muttahida Talaba Mahaz (MTM), an alliance of the entire student organizations of the college.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/pakistan/22-Aug-16/students-warn-of-protest-in-mardan


Economic Stability Can Only Be Achieved Through Research And Education

Chairman WAPDA Zafar Mehmood has said that economic stability can only be achieved through education, research and technology.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103700976&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20160821



Second Shift Will Start For Students Who Could not Get Admission In Colleges Of Swat

MPA Fazal Hakeem has said that a second shift will be started soon in the Colleges of Swat for students who could not get admissions. He said that he is aware of the emotions and feelings of these students and would not let their future be dark.

Complete story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/peshawar/2016-08-22/page-2


Administrative And Educational Activities Are Being Affected Due To Empty Seats

Administrative and educational activities in the University of Sawabi are being affected because of empty vacancies of important positions. According to sources, the post of Dean Faculty of science including Registrar has been empty for several months due to which important educational activities are being affected.

Complete story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/Karachi/2016-08-22/page-8/detail-17


KP Education Reforms Produce Outstanding Results: Report

The education reforms of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Government in Khyber Pakhtukhwa (KP) have received worldwide appreciation and proved it a milestone initiative for coming political parties in the province. The Wilson Center's Asia Program published "Pakistan's Education Crisis: under the name of the Real Story."

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/khyber-pakhtunkhwa/21-Aug-16/kp-education-reforms-produce-outstanding-results-report


Workshop: Training Concludes At Hazara University

A three day training session concluded at Hazara University on Friday. The session was titled ‘Good governance and exams system’. The workshop was arranged by Directorate of Training at the varsity in collaboration with Higher Education Commission.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166094/workshop-training-concludes-hazara-university/


Government Urged To Ensure Uniform, Quality Education For All

People from various walks of life have called for measures to improve the education sector in the country by taking steps to put in place a uniform and quality education policy. Participants included Dr. Shafqat Parveen, associate professor at the Institute of Education and Research (IER) at the University of Peshawar.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/khyber-pakhtunkhwa/20-Aug-16/government-urged-to-ensure-uniform-quality-education-for-all


Court Ruling: Government Restrained From Taking Action Against Education Officer

A bench of the Peshawar High Court restrained the provincial government from terminating the service of a deputy district education officer. It also sought a reply from the provincial government on the matter.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166064/court-ruling-govt-restrained-taking-action-education-officer/


Delivery Of Social Services Ought To Be Improved

Ground realities are very different from the tall claims made by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and its chief Imran Khan on providing access to social services in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1167195/delivery-social-services-improved/


Unique Path: Humanitarian Finds Ways To Give Effect To Change

Amid the youth’s aimlessness in this country, we sometimes come across someone who does the country proud. Saud Shah Roghani is one such individual. Starting at the young age of 16, Roghani helped underprivileged people from his area, and has now started a campaign for girls' education.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166643/unique-path-humanitarian-finds-ways-give-effect-change/




Protection Of Education System In Balochistan

Provincial General Secretary of Jamat e Islami Hadayat ur Rehman has said that the Election Commission is involved in destroying the education system. Thousands of schools in Balochistan consist of only 1 teacher, and for the correctness of voting lists the government should get help from other departments instead of the education department.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698545&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160820


Taftan’s Education Problems Should Be Solved

Political and social leader Mir Shabir Ahmad has said that denial of the importance of Taftan city is impossible, but in this era of modern technology the youth of Taftan are not getting proper education.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698583&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160820


Education Is The Basic Right Of Every Child

Deputy Commissioner Mir Saifullah has said that education is the basic right of every child, and to provide our children with education is our moral duty. Every person should play their role in taking children of their cities to schools.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698584&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160820


Education Problems Of Baloch Areas Were Neglected

Labor Secretary of Baluchistan National Party Ali Ahmad and others said in a speech that DDO Female Chilton Town and DDO Male Chilton Town have neglected the education problems of Quetta, especially areas of Chilton Town.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698330&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160820


School Visit By Education Minister, who Became Furious On Absence Of Staff

Provincial Education Minister Abdul Raheem Zyar made a sudden visit to Government Central High School and he became furious on the absence of staff. He said that all teachers are respectable but it is not fair in any way that teachers remain absent from school and waste the precious time of students.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698783&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160820


It Is Impossible For Any Country To Progress Without Education

Assistant Commissioner Dakki Abdus Salam has said that people should admit their children in educational institutes. Education is the ladder of progress and prosperity, and a country’s progress is impossible without education.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/08-20-2016/Quetta/page8.asp


Government Is Trying To Promote Education

Deputy Commissioner Noshki Shakeel Ahmad has said that we can end the darkness of illiteracy through education. Education is the first stair towards progress. He said that the Government is trying to promote education and is providing facilities according to its resources.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/08-20-2016/Quetta/page8.asp


Students Of Zarai College Will Depart For Study Tour On 25th August

According to an announcement of Balochistan Zarai College, all students of 7th Semester 12BAC session are informed that their All Pakistan Final Study Tour will depart on Thursday 25th August 2016. Students who are interested can inform the Registrar of the College till 23rd August 2016.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103700425&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160821


Salary Of Absent Teachers Will Be Deducted

Deputy District Education Officer Chilton Town Gul Muhammad informed the teachers that those who do not fulfill their duties or remain absent even for a day, will have salaries deducted and there will be no compromise on the quality of education.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103700434&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160821


We Have To Educate Our Children

Sakhi Imanullah has said that to build a good society it is necessary to educate our children. We can make more progress in the province through education.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103700134&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160821


Balochistan University’s Circumstances Have Become Better

Social Leaders of Loralai Abid Awan, Hashim Khan and Arifullah have said that Balochistan University’s circumstances have become better than before, since Muhammad Tariq Khan has taken charge. Problems in the university are being solved.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103702471&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160822





Efforts On Cards To Reopen 400 Primary Schools

Efforts were on cards to open the closed 400 primary schools in district Mirpurkhas. The district education officer primary of Mirpurkhas said ghost teachers and other mafia members were creating hurdles, however so far about 50 closed primary schools have been opened.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/sindh/20-Aug-16/efforts-on-cards-to-reopen-400-primary-schools





Smart Schools: 22 Federal, 8 Provincial Institutions To Be Upgraded

Under Vision-2025 program, twenty two schools of the capital and eight from provinces will be upgraded as smart schools. These educational institutions will be upgraded as smart schools by bringing about reforms in the examination system, curriculum, teachers training and modern education in Madaris.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/smart-schools-22-federal-8-provincial-institutions-to-be-upgraded/


Govt Taking Steps For Education Promotion

Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh Aftab Ahmad has said that this government is taking revolutionary steps at federal and provincial level for the promotion of education at every level. For the purpose, facilities are being provided in educational institutes and teachers are being recruited on merit in a transparent manner.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/govt-taking-steps-for-education-promotion/


Centers For Admission Forms Of Open University Established All Over The Country

Allama Iqbal Open University has established centers for admission forms in 44 campuses all over the country and in more than 100 connection offices. Other than this, Open University has also provided admission forms of all programs on their website www.aiou.edu.pk.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103701563&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20160821


Shelters For Schools Were Provided In The Areas That Were The Victims Of Earthquake

National Disaster Management Authority has said that 1403 shelters have been provided in areas which fell victim to last year earthquake disaster. Last year, 1543 education institutes were partially or completely destroyed due to earthquake.

Complete story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2016-08-22/page-3            


All Educational Institutes Of Islamabad Will Be Upgraded

Inauguration of Girls College in Tarnol was done by Lord Mayor Sheikh Ansar Aziz. Sheikh Ansar said that all educational institutes of Islamabad, including the institutes of Tarnol, will be upgraded. 2500 new teachers will be hired soon for the educational institutes of Islamabad and 150 new buses will also be provided.

Complete story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/rawalpindi/2016-08-22/page-2


IIUI Mulls Centers For Students And Special Persons 

The International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI), is mulling to establish a center of education for special persons and an advisory council for the students of the university to guide them about the future in various professions.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/islamabad/20-Aug-16/iiui-mulls-centres-for-students-and-special-persons


AIOU To Facilitate Overseas Pakistani Students

The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) has prepared a special plan providing educational facilities to overseas Pakistanis, particularly those living in Middle East. Sources said that the plan includes providing online study material and arranging examination facilities in their respective countries.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/islamabad/22-Aug-16/aiou-to-facilitate-overseas-pakistani-students


Basic Education: Concerned Citizens Bringing About Positive Changes

The trend of average citizens imparting knowledge to underprivileged children is gaining popularity in the capital city- with concerned members of society trying to bring about a positive change. Ayub Khan, commonly known as Master Ayub, a popular educationist, bestows his knowledge to less fortunate children in the city free of cost.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166122/basic-education-concerned-citizens-bringing-positive-changes/


Encouraging Start-Ups: Moot On Entrepreneurship, Technology Begins

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is committed to promoting a research culture in the country with its focus on research aligned with needs of Pakistani society. This was stated by HEC Chairman Dr Mukhtar Ahmed on Friday.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166121/encouraging-start-ups-moot-entrepreneurship-technology-begins/


Student Caned For ‘Trying To Break Up Fight’

A seventh grader fell victim to severe corporal punishment at the hands of a teacher at a government school in suburban Islamabad. The student, Mohammad Umar, sustained multiple injuries on the back, head and legs after being caned and pushed into a wall.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166098/corporal-punishment-student-caned-trying-break-fight/


Thefts On The Rise: Car Stolen From Outside HEC Building 

Unidentified persons on Saturday stole a car parked outside the offices of the Higher Education Commission in H-9. Dr Naeema Atique told the Industrial Area police that her Mehran car MS-819 was stolen from outside the HEC headquarters.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1167300/thefts-rise-car-stolen-outside-hec-building/


Quality Education In Rural Schools A Distant Dream

In a country where education for all is still a dream on the grounds, the quality of education being provided in rural areas at primary level becomes more significant. It is also not less than a miracle that the children are being jeweled with this basic right in far rural areas.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/islamabad/21-Aug-2016/quality-education-in-rural-schools-a-distant-dream





50.83% Pass LBISE 9th Class Exam

Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) on Saturday announced the results of ninth grade 2016. According to details, 2, 50,833 candidates participated in the examination, among which 1, 25,838 students have been declared victorious.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/50-83-pass-lbise-9th-class-exam/


Schools To Start Lessons On Poultry Farming  

Lessons on poultry farming will be given at schools in rural areas to encourage the trend, District Secondary Education Officer Ali Ahmad Siyyan said on Sunday. The project will be launched initially at 29 schools for girls, he said.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1167251/schools-start-lessons-poultry-farming/


Students Had To Pay Rs5 Each To Get Result Through Sms; Probe Demanded

Among nine Boards of Intermediate for Secondary Education of Punjab, only BISE DG Khan failed to upload SSC Part I (9th class) result 2016 on official website according to prescribed official time 10:10 am on result day, August 20, 2016.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/students-had-to-pay-rs5-each-to-get-result-thru-sms-probe-demanded/


Public Education: ‘All South Punjab UCs Will Have High Schools For Girls’

Minister for School Education Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan said on Friday that high schools for girls would be set up in every union council of south Punjab.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166195/public-education-south-punjab-ucs-will-high-schools-girls/


‘Theory-Practice Link Should Be Highlighted’

Lack of a deeper understanding of the latest technology and reliance solely on textbooks is preventing the emergence of a knowledge-based economy in the country, Prof Asad Ali Abidi said on Friday. He was speaking to five-day National ICT R&D Workshop on Communication Science and Systems at the Lahore University of Management Science (LUMS).

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166183/theory-practice-link-highlighted/


Sealing Of School By LDA Without Notice Is Against The Law

Central president of All Pakistan Private Schools Management Association Adeeb Javedani has said that workers of LDA yesterday sealed educational institutes located in Iqbal Town and Gulberg on not commercializing the schools at the time when the classes were ongoing in the school.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103699811&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20160820


Decision To Hire Ad-hoc Lecturers In Government Schools

The Education Board has decided to hire lecturers on an ad hoc basis. The minimum qualification of a lecturer must be M.Phil in their respective subjects.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103699820&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20160820


Decision To Sack Heads Of Schools On Poor Results

Ministry of Education has decided to sack Heads of all boys and girls schools on achieving poor results in Matric Annual Examination through PEED Act, and with this decision all District Officers have been issued circulars.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103699025&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20160820


Admissions Of First Year Completed, 80 Thousand Students Didn’t Get Admission

Admissions of all boys and girls colleges of the whole district have been completed. The new year has also started in colleges. Despite second shifts in many colleges, 80 thousand students did not get admission in big colleges.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103699115&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20160820


All Education Boards Of Punjab Will Announce Results Of 9th Class Today

All Education Boards of Punjab will announce result of 9th class annual examination today 20th August 2016 at 10 A.M. Result can be seen online at the respective websites of Education Boards.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/08-20-2016/lahore/pic.asp?picname=06_07.gif



Decision To Punish Teachers On Poor Results

The Education Department has decided to punish teachers on Blue Board Results in 9th class. Through this decision, 70% teachers deserve the punishment. Every Head teacher of a subject will get punished on not achieving quality results.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103702020&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20160821


Rawalpindi Board Has Announced Result Of 9th Class

Education Board Rawalpindi has announced result of 9th class annual examination. As per the result, total 118954 candidates appeared in the exams from which sixty one thousand were passed and fifty seven thousand were failed.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103701724&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20160821


Dream Of Education Cannot Be Fulfilled Without The Provision Of Latest Education

Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shehbaz Sharif has said that without providing modern education to our young generation, the dream of progress cannot be accomplished. This is the first priority of the Punjab Government, to equip our generation with latest education.

Complete story:



Knowledge Park Project Will Be A New Milestone In the Education Department

Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif has said that the project of a knowledge Park in Punjab will prove to be a milestone in the education department as it will be help students in getting the latest education with improved research.

Complete story:






550 Government Schools Will Connect To 44000 Foreign Schools

Directorate of staff development and British Council organized a program in which an agreement was signed on online connecting the 550 Government Schools with 44,000 schools of one hundred and eighty countries.

Complete story:

http://epaper.dailykhabrain.com.pk/popup.php?newssrc=issues/2016-08-22/14994/11.jpg   http://e.dunya.com.pk/detail.php?date=2016-08-22&edition=LHR&id=2563951_35819587



English Medium Education Should Be Made Optional In Punjab

General President of Head Masters Association Punjab Rasheed Ahmad and others have demanded from Minister of Education and Secretary Schools Punjab that English medium education should be made optional so that students can choose between Urdu and English Medium Education instead of leaving their education.

Complete story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2016-08-22/page-12/detail-10


Punjab Struggling To Curb Child Labor

Pakistan Institute of Labor, Education and Research (PILER) Executive Director Dr Karamat Friday appreciated the Punjab government for taking solid measures to eradicate child labor at brick kilns. Talking to APP, he lauded the Punjab government for approving an education package which envisaged monthly scholarship for kiln-workers children besides free stationery and uniform.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/lahore/20-Aug-2016/punjab-struggling-to-curb-child-labour


PEF Coordination Meetings From Today

The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has announced the schedule of three-day District Coordination Meetings (DCMs) for the school partners of southern region. These meetings would be held at the Jinnah Auditorium of Bahauddin Zakaria University in Multan from August 20.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/lahore/20-Aug-2016/pef-coordination-meetings-from-today


Workers Protest For Government-Fixed Wages

Dozens of brick kiln works staged a protest outside DCO office here on Friday against different departments and for not getting government-fixed wages.The protesters chanted slogans against district administration, police and education department.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/national/20-Aug-2016/workers-protest-for-govt-fixed-wages


Transfer Of Assistant Professors, Lecturers Ordered In Rawalpindi

A massive reshuffling of 145 assistant professors and lecturers has been ordered in Rawalpindi division by Punjab Higher Education Department. About 51 male and female professors from Rawalpindi District have also been transferred. These professors and lecturers have been posted against vacant posts in other colleges.

Complete story: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2016/08/20/city/islamabad/transfer-of-assistant-professors-lecturers-ordered-in-rawalpindi/


PEF Emerges As Largest Free Education-Provider

Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has emerged as the largest free education-provider in the province as 67 percent of its partner schools are situated in the south. Similarly, 69 percent of the student beneficiaries belong to the southern part of the province.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/pef-emerges-as-largest-free-education-provider/


Literacy: ‘Bosnia, Pakistan Should Partner Up For Education’

Ambassador of Bosnia to Pakistan Nedim Makarevic said on Saturday Bosnia and Pakistan should invest in education for qualitative socio-economic change in their societies. Addressing a cultural show organized by the Bosnian embassy at a hotel, the ambassador expressed concerns over poor literacy rate in Pakistan.

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166638/literacy-bosnia-pakistan-partner-education/


UCS To Have High Schools For Girls

Provincial Minister for Education Rana  Mashhood Ahmad Khan has said the Punjab government will establish  girls high schools in each union council in the province. Besides, as many as 35 thousand new class rooms would also be constructed in government schools in all 36 districts of the province.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/lahore/21-Aug-2016/ucs-to-have-high-schools-for-girls


Shahbaz Empowers Medical Institutions To Remove Flaws In Healthcare Delivery System

Following approval of Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the department of Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education has enhanced administrative and financial powers of autonomous medical institutions, head of the institutions and medical superintendents in the province and a notification has been issued in this regard.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/shahbaz-empowers-medical-institutions-to-remove-flaws-in-healthcare-delivery-system/





Controversial Posting: SUOF Threatens Work Boycott

As problems continue to plague government universities across the province, Sindh Universities’ Officers Federation (SUOF), an association that represents the staff of the varsities, threatened the government with a work boycott starting Thursday, August 22, after a meeting at Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET).

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166053/controversial-posting-suof-threatens-work-boycott/


USAID To Expand Its Educational Program In Sindh

Provincial minister for education, Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar, visited the Program Management and Implementation Unit of USAID funded Sindh Basic Education Program, at Clifton Karachi and presided over a review meeting. The meeting was attended by the representative Rendy of USAID Karachi.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/sindh/21-Aug-16/usaid-to-expand-its-educational-programme-in-sindh


Decision To Submit Examination Forms Online, Disapproved By PMLN

PMLN District Hyderabad has disapproved the decision of Sindh Government to submit examination forms of B.Com, BSc, M.A and others online. Members of the party have said submission of exam forms online is a burden of extra charges on poor people.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698389&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20160820


Matric Board: Schedule of issuing of mark sheets announced

Secondary Education Board has announced to issue mark sheets of Matric Science and General Group (Regular and Private). According to Chairman of Matric Board Anwaar Ahmadzai, the mark sheets of regular students will be issued to their respective institutes according to the schedule.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103698359&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20160820



Issues In Education Department Will Be Solved On The Basis Of Merit

Provincial Education Minister Jam Mehtab has said that issues in education department will not be solved on the basis of likes and dislikes, rather they will be solved on the basis of merit.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/08-20-2016/Karachi/pic.asp?picname=161025


School Security Issue

A session of Al- Sindh Private Schools was held under the presidency of Chairman Haider Ali. In this session, a security plan was formulated for schools, and connections between region police and management will be built. All schools will be provided with emergency phone numbers.

Complete Story:





Information Regarding Security Of Schools Demanded By Police

Police has issued a security form based on twenty questions to all schools of Karachi in which information was demanded on security of the schools.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/08-22-2016/Karachi/pic.asp?picname=162152     


USAID Working For Promoting Education In Sindh

Provinical education Minister Jan Mehtab while visiting the Program Management and Implementation Unit of USAID funds, said that role of USAID in promoting education is very prominent in Sindh. They are working in building schools, training of teachers and quality education in Sindh.

Complete story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/karachi/2016-08-21/page-2


Budget Of Education Also A Victim Of Corruption

Head of Jamat e Islami Pakistan Sirahul Haq has said that most of the allotted money for education is going in the hands of corruption. Education budget must be 5% in order to make Pakistan brighter.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103703346&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20160822



Date For Submission Of Admission Form Of Inter Extended For 2 Days

Department of Education has extended the date for submission of online admission forms of Inter first year in Government schools for 2 days. Admission Forms can now be submitted till Tuesday 23rd August.

Complete story: http://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1103702265&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20160822





Education In Swat

Education is not considered as important in today’s society. Schools suffer from lack proper infrastructure, clean drinking water facilities, lack of playing grounds etc. Most importantly, there is a dearth of good teachers.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/letters/21-Aug-2016/education-in-swat


Complacent And Satisfied

Here’s the Pakistani version of the chicken-and-egg dilemma: Which came first, the incompetent and myopic leadership that produced a rotten educational system or the rotten educational system that produced the incompetent and myopic leadership?

Complete story: http://tribune.com.pk/story/1166688/complacent-and-satisfied/


Need Of Education In Pakistan

One of the great, conspicuous scholars Plato once said “If you want to judge the quality of a civilization, have a look at its teachers”. There is no denying the fact that education plays a pivotal role in the cognitive development of the individuals

Complete story: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2016/08/20/comment/need-of-education-in-pakistan/


Shah After Shah

Recently on July 27, 2016, after the resignation of Syed Qaim Ali Shah, another Shah, namely Syed Murad Ali Shah, became new Chief Minister. A Chief Minister has many roles to play for the nation.

Among many of the responsibilities, education is a priority. In the last term of former CM Syed Qaim Ali Shah, the state of education in District Dadu was reported by a local newspaper.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/letters/20-Aug-2016/shah-after-shah


Bad Character

WITH education, the girl child will grow up and be a better mother – she will be better able to understand the importance of her own children being educated, and will be better able to provide for her children…” Sarah Crowe, spokesperson for UNICEF in Johannesburg.

Complete story: http://pakobserver.net/bad-character/


Distance Education In Pakistan

“The world is a click away” is the phrase that aptly defines the concept of a globalized world, in which countries and people are interconnected by communication technologies. The communication technologies — radio, television, print media, Internet, cellular phones — provide access to the flow of information around the world.

Complete story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/opinion/22-Aug-16/distance-education-in-pakistan


Dilemma Of Health And Education

The Punjab chief minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has announced he will improve the neglected health and education sectors in the province. This is late but still a good decision.

Complete story: http://nation.com.pk/letters/22-Aug-2016/dilemma-of-health-and-education


Government Schools In Pakistan

It is very disheartening to mention that the government schools’ teachers are not imparting good education to the students. Unfortunately the government schools’ teachers are present just on one day, i.e. the salary day.

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Letters to the Editor


Khadim-E-Punjab’s New Vision

In order to promote quality education, the Punjab government has approved the Khadim-e-Punjab Schools Program for construction of additional classrooms in schools all across the province. As per the plan, thousands of additional classrooms will be constructed at a cost of Rs.15 billion, and result in better education facilities to the students in the province.

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Misguiding Movement 

Education is the base for development, and a teacher holds the key in this regard. In Sindh, the biometric system for attendance in schools has been able to decrease the number of ghost teachers. Now the teacher is forced to be in school whether he is willing to or not otherwise monitoring officers (MOs), recently enrolled and employed through National Testing Service (NTS), would immediately send the biometric record to the secretary of Sindh who will handle the matter.

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Regional Press:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Paying special attention to girls' education: Zaib-un- Nisa

Dir Payan: The District Education Officer of Lower Dir, Miss Zaib-un-Nisa, said that they are paying special attention to girls’ education in order to enhance the literacy rate in the district. She said basic facilities are being provided to schools and an effort is being made to overcome the shortage of girls’ schools in the District. This was shared during a function at Government Girls Higher Secondary School Mayar, Lower Dir.

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Complete Story:  Khabrain, Peshawar, Page No.2

FATA students demand notice against ending of Scholarship

Peshawar: The Tribal area members of Jamiat Tulba Islam have demanded that the government take notice against the ending of the scholarship for FATA students. They said that due to the careless attitude of the related department and representatives, FATA students have been deprived of their legal right.

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School Owners reject orders of collecting no fees for Vacations

Peshawar: Private schools have refused to follow the orders of the Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, who has said that schools should not collect tuition fees for June and July. Parents have demanded that the Deputy Commissioner Peshawar and provincial government take notice of this issue and ban schools from collecting vacation fees, as parents cannot afford the expenditure.

Complete Story:  Daily Surkhab, Peshawar, Page No.2


Injustice with students in educational institutions will not be tolerated: Riaz Khan

Peshawar: The People’s Students Federation Senior Leader and Mutahida Tulaba Mahaz executive body member Riaz Khan said that Peshawar University treats Swat students like stepchildren and that they will raise their voice for their legal rights. He said that MTM was made to enable students to demand their legal rights and demands from the Administration. He said that injustice with Swat students in Peshawar University will not be tolerated, and also demanded that the KP Governor and Provincial Education Minister take notice of this injustice with Swat students and ensure better education for them.

Complete Story:  Daily Subh, Peshawar, Page No.3


Peshawar students deprived of admissions in Colleges

Peshawar: The Deputy Convener of Hindko Political Forum, Sajid Nadeem, said that Peshawar students are facing lots of problems in securing admissions in colleges. Students of Gulbahar and Hashnagri side in particular have been deprived of admissions in City College, Frontier Education and other colleges of Peshawar. Instead of local students, non-local students are preferred in these colleges. Leaders must take notice of this.

Complete Story:  Daily Aaj, Peshawar, Page No.2

Complete Story:  Mashriq, Peshawar, Page No.3


Students of Government Girls Secondary School Colleges deprived of Public Transport

Haripur: Thousands of Students of Government Girls Secondary School Colleges have been deprived of Public Transport, due to which they are forced to sit at home and are unable to complete their education. Similarly Marri, Kheri, Swabi etc. are also lacking in transport facilities.

Complete Story:  Akhbar-e-Khyber, Peshawar, Page No.5


Hangu Students Society demand increase in quota in Medical Colleges

Hangu: Hangu Students Society has demanded an increase in the quota in Medical Colleges. In this regard, a meeting was held at Degree College under the supervision of President Muhammad Junaid. A demand was made to increase the quota in various Medical Colleges, including the Saidu Medical College, Ayub Medical College, Bannu Medical College and Kohat Medical College. There are only 2 seats for Hangu students in each of these colleges, which is not enough.

Complete Story:  Awam-un-Nas, Peshawar, Page No.3


Government College Mardan Issues must be sorted out: Sajjad Hoti

Mardan: The President of Mutahida Tulba Mohaz, Mr. Sajjad Hoti said in a meeting that if the government does not resolve the issues of Mardan students, protests will ensue.

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Four Teachers dismissed for corruption in NTS Test

Mardan: Four teachers have been dismissed for corruption in the NTS Test in Mardan. An inquiry letter was sent to the District Education Officer for an inquiry against 13 people who were involved in this corruption. These teachers’ names have been removed from merit list.

Complete Story:  Daily Surkhab, Peshawar, Page No.3

Complete Story:  Daily Aaj, Peshawar, Page No.8


Teachers must pay attention to students’ training and education: Mutasim Billah

D.I.Khan: A meeting was held under the chair of Deputy Commissioner Mutasim Billah in Government Higher Secondary School No.2 D.I.Khan District. All Middle and Higher Secondary Schools’ and Colleges’ Head Masters and Principals attended the meeting. On the occasion, the Deputy Commissioner Mutasim Billah said that an integrated curriculum and extracurricular plan for activities in all educational institutions of Dera is being prepared. He praised the role of teachers and emphasized that teachers should focus on their students’ education and training.

Complete Story:  Daily Aaj, Peshawar, Page No.3


Government will launch a second shift in Swat colleges for students deprived of admissions

Swat: The government has decided to launch evening shifts in all government Colleges in Swat in order to overcome the problem of a shortage of schools and to facilitate students in securing admissions. This news was shared by MPA Fazil Hakeem, Chairman Dedak Swat, who said he had received directives from the Chief Minister.

Complete Story:  Akhbar-e-Khyber, Peshawar, Page No.3

Complete Story:  Awam-un-Nas, Peshawar, Page No.8


College Teachers must be facilitated on the basis of their abilities: PACTA

Peshawar: The Pakhtunkhuwa College Teachers' Association (PACTA) President Professor Abdul Hameed Afridi and General Secretary Dil Badshah has demanded that college teachers who are performing their duties honestly be facilitated on the basis of their performance and abilities. They appealed to Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak to provide facilities and scholarships to teachers who are doing M.Phil and PhDs and also fulfill their demands for promotions.

Complete Story:  Mashriq, Peshawar, Page No.3              


College Hostel Issue must be sorted out: Sajjad Hoti

Mardan: The President of Muttahida Tulba Mohaz said that if the government does not resolve the issues of Mardan Students, a Protest Campaign will ensue. In this regard, a meeting was held under the supervision of Sajjad Hoti, in which all student federations were present. Sajjad Hoti said that a BS Program has started in a leading College of the province, but there is no sports quota due to which sportsmen of Mardan have been declined admission there.

Complete Story:  Akhbar-e-Khyber, Peshawar, Page No.3


Guard locks school for not appointing his brother

Takht Bhai:  The Government Girls High School Guard has locked the school for not hiring his brother.

Complete Story:  Mashriq, Peshawar, Page No.3




Education emergency claims are baseless

District Panjgoor: The government is claiming an education emergency, while the matriculation results of most Panjgoor Educational institutions are zero. On the other hand, parents and students are in distress due to these poor results. Soon, a survey report will be published on the reasons for the deterioration of education in Panjgoor, in which the views of education experts and social groups will be included.  

Complete story: http://www.dailyintekhab.com.pk/epaper/p6/story.php?param=panjgor.jpg


Education has fallen prey to dilapidation in Kech: Khalil Kator

District Turbat: The Opposition Leader District Council Kech & BNP Central Committee member Mr. Khalil Kator said that illegal and junior appointments over senior and administrative posts in the Education Department of Kech are the strategies of National Party. He said the transfers of DDO Dasht & DDO Tump are merely to hide the truth and to blame others. He demanded that the government take steps to open closed schools and save education in Kech.

Complete story: Daily Aazadi Quetta, Page No: 03


Demand to recruit teachers on vacant positions in Qalat

District Qalat: 40 vacant positions are available in different subjects in Qalat city High school. Students are facing problems in education. Central President Balochistan Science Teachers Association, Mr. Ali Ahmed Mengal, along with other members demanded that the government fill vacancies as soon as possible for the ease of students.

Complete story: Daily Baakhabar Quetta, Page No: 02


Notice should be taken of merit violation in the education department: Abdul Ghaffar

District Quetta: The Central President Senior Educational Staff Association Mr. Haji Abdul Ghaffar along with others said in a joint statement that educational emergency claimers have destroyed the goodwill of the department. The education department is not working according to the rules and regulations.

Complete story: Daily Qudrat Quetta, Page No: 08


Vacant positions of education department should be filled: Muhammad Saleem

District Mastoong: The Provincial President Senior Educational Staff Association, Mr. Muhammad Saleem, while speaking to SESA district officials & journalists, said that 818 posts from Grade 17 to 20 are vacant in schools. 700 high schools are running without any regular heads and juniors have been appointed to administrative posts.

Complete story: Daily Express Century Quetta, Page No: 06


Election Commission involved in the destruction of Balochistan Education system: Hidayat

District Quetta: The Provincial General Secretary Jamat-e-Islami Mr. Hidayat-ur-Rehman Baloch said that the Election Commission is involved in the destruction of the Balochistan Education system. He said the Election Commission is repeatedly deploying teachers in elections, which is making the education system suffer. Election commission should involve other departments in polling schemes, instead of using teachers.

Complete story: http://e.jang.com.pk/08-21-2016/Quetta/page3.asp

Complete story: Daily Intekhab Quetta, Page No: 03


Middle school “Yaroshahar” building construction should be completed: Daki

Daki: A social activist Mr. Daood Khan said that the construction of the Middle school “Yaroshahar” building should be completed as soon as possible. The contractor has vanished from the site and students are forced to study in the scorching sun. He demanded that the Buildings and Education departments finish the remaining construction as soon as possible.

Complete story: Daily Baakhabar Quetta, Page No: 02


Teachers’ negligence will not be tolerated: Abdullah Khan

District Quetta: The Secretary Colleges Higher and Technical Education Mr. Abdullah Jan, along with other officials, visited different schools and monitored the performance of teachers and construction work. He said teachers’ negligence in their duties will not be tolerated at any cost. Teachers should focus all their attention on the future of students. He added that absent teachers will have to face departmental action.

Complete story: Daily Mashriq Quetta, Page No: 03


Intercessor political culture is responsible for the dilapidation of educational institutions

District Turbat: The intercessor political culture is responsible for the dilapidation of educational institutions in Balochistan. The violation of service rules and appointments of juniors on administrative posts is a violation of merit and the right to equal job opportunity.

Complete story: Daily Nai-Baat Quetta, Page No: 06


DOE visits different schools; action against absent teachers

District Chaman: The District Officer Education Mr. Muhammad Rafique Tareen visited different schools and monitored educational activities. He took action against absent teachers and reports were sent to higher officials. He ordered teachers to be punctual in their duties.  

Complete story: Daily Qudrat Quetta, Page No: 08


Teacher shortage should be resolved in Girls High school Naukundi: Sultan Ali

District Quetta:  BSO Pachar Naukundi zone President Mr. Sultan Ali Baloch said that the government’s education emergency claims are limited to newspaper statements and photo sessions. He said that the Girls High school Naukundi was upgraded by the former CM Baluchistan Dr. Abdul Malik, but staff has still not been appointed. Vacancies in science and general groups have still not been filled. He demanded that the concerned officials and government pay heed to the issue instead of raising hollow slogans.

Complete story: Daily Mashriq Quetta, Page No: 02


Primary school village Barah should be provided with basic facilities: Noor Bux

District Lasbela: Primary school village Barah is still deprived of basic facilities like electricity, fans & other facilities. Mr. Noor Bux, resident of village Barah, demanded that the government facilitate students in hardships of weather as soon as possible.

Complete story: Daily Nai-Baat Quetta, Page No: 06


High school Geva deprived of facilities

Geva: The Government High school Geva is deprived of basic facilities and in poor condition. Teachers & students’ lives are at risk.  High school Geva is deprived of potable water, scientific instruments, library & boundary wall. CM Balochistan and the education department should resolve the issues of High school Geva.

Complete story: Daily Aazadi Quetta, Page No: 08


80% schools in Zoab are closed and teachers are absent: Qomi Jirgah

District Zoab: The chairman Qomi Jirgah Mr. Akhtar Shah Mandokhel along with others said in a joint statement that 80% of the schools of Zoab are closed and teachers are absent and taking salaries at home. They demanded to halt the salaries of absent teachers and to make their duty compulsory, otherwise a demonstration will be held against absent/ghost teachers. 

Complete story: Daily Qudrat Quetta, Page No: 02




No School buildings in Haroonabad

District Bahawalnagar: A news Rrporter stated that Security Agencies are taking steps to ensure the security of schools. Unfortunately, there is no building in the schools of Haroonabad Tehsil. The Government Boys Primary School Sharqi in 85/5R has no boundary wall and there are only three teachers for 230 students, while one teacher works in the EDO office.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-22/page-02

 Complete Story: Daily Dunya, Multan, Page No.09    


Student refuses to attend school due to torture

District Layyah: Local people and parents of students told media representatives that Mr. Ashraf of Government Boys High School brutally tortured a 10th class student, as he refused to take extra tuition. Medical reports said the child is in depression and refused to attend school. Local people requested that the District Coordination Officer and Executive District Officer Layyah suspend the teacher and start an inquiry against him.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-22/page-08  


Adjacent extensions will not be tolerated near schools: Punjab Government

District Rahim Yar Khan: The Punjab Government has instructed all the relevant authorities to remove adjacent extensions near schools. All these steps are to be taken to control incidents of kidnapping of children in Punjab. The Interior Ministry Punjab issued the instruction to ensure the security of all private schools in Punjab.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-22/page-08   


Anti-Corruption starts inquiry into bungle of one million

District Bahawalpur: A Local resident Mr. Abdul Ghaffar submitted an application to the Director of Anti-Corruption, alleging that the Head Teacher of Government Girls High School Kachi Mandi carried out illegal and unjustified utilization of the school budget. He also stated that the security of the school and its students is at risk. Considering the application, Director Anti-Corruption Bahawalpur started inquiry, while the Head Mistress stated that she will face anti-corruption officers and respond in her own way.

Complete Story: Daily Ausaf, Multan, Page No.06

Complete Story: Daily Express, Rahim Yar Khan, Page No.04


Sir Syed College sell out with Students and Building in 24 Millions

District Muzaffargarh: The college partners sell out Sir SyedCollege, including the building and students in only 24 Million. Students and parents protested and requested that the Higher Authorities take notice and secure the academic year of 1000 college students.

Complete Story: Daily Ausaf, Multan, Page No.08


Suspension of SS of Girls High School Khanpur is retaliatory dealing

District Khanpur: The Tehsil President of Bahawalpur Teachers Association and Tehsil President of Punjab Teachers Union Islami Group stated that the suspension of SS from Girls High School Khanpur is a retaliatory deal from the District Government. The future of students is being destroyed due to this suspension. We request theChief Minster Punjab and Education Minster to cancel the suspension of SS otherwise we will be forced to protest against this suspension.

Complete Story: Daily Khabrain, Multan, Page No.11


Ghost Schools and Corruption in Literacy Department of Muzaffargarh

District Muzaffargarh: The Project Director Literacy Punjab Government instructed to submit the report against the corruption of the Focal Person of Literacy, Executive District Officer (Education). Project Director Literacy Punjab Government appointed Khizar Hayyat as District Education Officer Literacy. The Focal person Abdul Ghaffar Khakhi is trying to finish the case without handing over the record.

Complete Story: Daily Khabrain, Multan, Page No.03


Teachers upset due to mismanagement in schools under PEF

District Jhang: Schools with poor results have been handed over to the management of Punjab Education Foundation, but teachers in these schools are upset with the management. There are no staff chairs in schools; minimum salaries are paid to new privately appointed teachers, while the management of the NGO under which schools are running shared that schools are properly managed and issued quick responses to any issue faced by teachers and students.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-21/page-02


Teachers are busy in verification of voter lists, affecting education in schools

District Multan: Most teachers have been assigned to verify voters’ lists for the 2018 elections during door to door surveys, which is affecting education. Notable educationists have condemned this and suggested that this type of work should be done during summer vacations.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-21/page-08


Results of Ninth Class announced, Multan 56.7% and Bahawalpur 50.3% Students passed

District Multan: The Educational Board has announced the results of 9th Class. In Multan Board, 56.7% students passed. In Bahawalpur Board, 50.3% Students passed the exams and in Dera Ghazi Khan Board, 52.52% students passed.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-21/page-08


Adjacent illegal extensions removed around Government Girls High School and BHU Jhugi Wala

District Muzaffargarh: Mr. Mohammad Iqbal Khan Buzdar, Assistant Commissioner Jatoi, Iftikhar Ahmed Bhutta, Tehsildar Jatoi and Deputy Superintendent of Police Syed Riaz Bukhari remove all the adjacent extensions around the Girls High School and Basic Health Unit in Meer Hazar Khan. Due to these extensions, teachers and students were facing many problems.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-21/page-11


At 80% attendance, students will receive scholarships

District Rahim Yar Khan: The Punjab Government has decided to give 1000 Rs. scholarship to 6th - 10th class female students in Government Schools through Khidmat Cards if they ensure 80% attendance in schools.

Complete Story: Daily Ausaf, Multan, page No. 06


Corporal punishment to students

District Khanewal: Sharjeel was beaten by Qari Abdul Ghafar and Zain was beaten by his School Teacher. Both Students fainted after punishment. Parents of both students protested and requested the District Coordination Officer Khanewal to take notice.

Complete Story: Daily Dunya, Multan, page No. 08


Parents and Students protest against adoption of Girls Primary School under PEF

District Dera Ghazi Khan: Mr. Mohammad Nawaz who donated land for a school has submitted a writ petition in Court against the adoption of Government Girls Primary School Khaji Wala, having 200 students under Punjab Education Foundation. The students and teachers protested and stated that they should not handover the school to Punjab Education Foundation until the result of the writ petition.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-20/page-02       


Punjab Education Foundation increases cash amount (prize) for position holders 

District Rahim Yar Khan: The Higher Authorities of the Punjab Education Foundation announced for its partner schools that students who will get 1st, 2nd and 3rd position at Provincial level will receive prize amounts 50,000, 40,000 and 30,000 respectively. Students who will get positions 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education and Punjab Examination Commission will receive prize amounts of 25,000, 20,000 and 15,000 respectively.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-20/page-08  

Complete Story: Daily Khabrain, Multan, Page No.08


Teachers of Girls Elementary School suspended and notices issued to staff of Higher Secondary School Ladhana

District Layyah: The Executive District Officer (Education) visited the Government Girls Elementary School, suspending 2 teachers and 1 employee of grade 4th. Mr. Mohammad Mansha EDO (Education) Layyah stated that the objective of the sudden visit was to ensure 100% presence of teachers in schools.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-20/page-02

Complete Story: Daily Ausaf, Multan, Page No.02


Teachers’ casual leave will be issued by Heads of Schools

District Rahim Yar Khan: Keeping in view the problems of the teachers, once again the Higher Authorities of Education have decided that head teachers will have the authority for issuance of casual leave.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-20/page-02

Complete Story: Daily Ausaf, Multan, Page No.03

Complete Story: Daily Khabrain, Multan, Page No.03


Temporary Lecturers will be appointed in Government Colleges

District Rahim Yar Khan: The Punjab Government has decided to appoint temporary lecturers having salary 30000/month in all the Government Colleges in Punjab Province. Their appointments will be up-to 30th July 2017.

Complete Story: http://dailypakistan.com.pk/E-Paper/multan/2016-08-20/page-08


Installation of Smart Boards in Schools

District Multan: Punjab Information Technology Board will install Smart Boards in the labs of all Government High Schools in Punjab. These smart boards will be used for teaching Science, Maths and English, and will also maintain all the record of lectures.

Complete Story: Daily Khabrain, Multan, Page No.08


Education Minister instructed to carry out inquiry against schools at properties of local landlords

District Dera Ghazi Khan: The Punjab Education Minster has instructed to start an inquiry of the schools that are in the premises of local land lords, as the President of District Press Club Rajanpur shared with the Education Minister during his visit to District Rajanpur that many teachers are not paying attention to schools and receiving salaries even at home.

Complete Story: Daily Ausaf, Multan, Page No.08




Primary School dysfunctional for past three years

District Nawabshah: The Government Primary Boys School village Syed Bagai has been dysfunctional for the past three years due to the carelessness of education authorities, leaving more than 200 children deprived of the right to primary education.

Complete Story: http://www.sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425852&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160822


Education lower staff protest for demands

Hyderabad: The lower staff of education department continued protests in different cities for their demands.

Complete Story: http://www.sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425747&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160822


Sindh Text Book Board employees deprived of salary

Hyderabad: The employees of Sindh Text Book Board stood against the stoppage of their salary of three months and pension, demanding an inquiry against the in charge Secretary Mr. Allah Dito Wighio and to conduct an inquiry against the corruption in an 18 crore scheme.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2016-08-22/news/page2/1%20(5).htm



Primary School building turns dangerous for student lives

District Khairpur Mirs: The building of Government Primary School Mad Sharif is in bad condition, putting student lives in danger. The School Head Master has said that the building was constructed in 1938; it is completely ruined and may collapse at any time.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2016-08-22/news/page3/1%20(1).htm


166 College employees protest over nonpayment of salary

Sukkur: 166 employees of College Side Sukkur region continued to protest against the stoppage of salaries, despite the directives of Sindh Service Tribunal.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2016-08-22/news/page3/1%20(20).htm



Scheduled caste students deprived of scholarship stipend

District Tharparkar: Students belonging to scheduled castes from Islam Kot are being deprived of scholarship stipends despite the availability of funds.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2016-08-22/news/page3/1%20(8).htm


Most schools closed due to biometric in Darya Khan Marri

District Naushehro Feroz: The Education Department Naushehro Feroz could not standardize its education. Most of the schools of Darya Khan Marri are still lying closed due to the biometric verification system and deputation of teachers to other places.

Complete Story: http://www.dailyibrat.com/beta/pages/jpp_22082016013904.jpg


Girls School construction work did not complete

Jamshoro: The construction work of Government Girls Higher Secondary School Manjhand could not be completed even after eight years. The building is cracking due to the usage of substandard material.

Complete Story: http://www.dailyibrat.com/beta/pages/jpp_22082016013904.jpg


School roof pieces leave three students injured

District Khairpur Mirs: The Building of Government High School Malheer Pato is in crumbling condition because of a lack of repairs. Recently, three students have been injured due to falling of roof pieces. On the other hand, parents have disallowed their children to attend the school.

Complete Story: http://www.sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425470&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160821


Shortage of basic facilities in Girls School

District Qamber Shahadadkot: The members of Naari Jamhuri Mahaz of Awami Jamhuri Party have announced protests against the shortage of basic facilities in Government Girls Higher Secondary School Nasirabad.

Complete Story: http://www.sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425457&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160821


Deputy Commissioner visits Schools and Hospitals

District Larkana: The Deputy Commissioner Larkana, along with Assistant Commissioner Bakrani, made a surprise visit of Higher Secondary and Primary School Bakrani, and asked to inquire about not organizing any program regarding 14th August.

Complete Story: http://www.sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425481&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160821


Primary School faces shortage of basic facilities

District Shikarpur: The Government Primary School Bhaoo Warial Soomro, near Shikarpur, is in a ruined condition due to the unavailability of basic facilities of drinking water, furniture, bathroom, electricity, peon and guard. Students have to face difficulties while attending the school.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2016-08-21/news/page3/1%20(1).htm


Primary School dysfunctional for the past five years

District Khairpur Mirs: The Government Primary School village Saeed Khan Rajpar has been dysfunctional for the past five years, due to the unavailability of teachers. The higher authorities are silent on this.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425160&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160820


Protest against stoppage of construction work of school

Jamshoro: The residents of village Shah Bux Khoso stood against the stoppage of construction work of the Primary School building in the village.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130425077&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20160820