20th Sep 2017



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Ruckus in PA over proposed changes to teachers` service structure

Pandemonium was witnessed in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly on Tuesday as the opposition members came down hard on the provincial government for its proposed changes in the service structure of teachers.

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Lecturers protest Education Act

The Activists of professors and lecturers association staged a sit in outside the provincial assembly against the proposed Education Act. They were carrying banners and placards showing great resentment towards the Education Act.

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Teachers closing schools early to face action

The district steering committee has decided to initiate disciplinary action against headmasters closing schools before the official timing.

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Education is only way to compete developed nations, Secretary Education

Provincial Secretary for Education & Information Abdul Fateh has said that we can compete developed nations only by standard education. He also added that teachers are an important part of society.

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Salary cut & disciplinary action against absent teachers

DEO Lal Jan launched crackdown against absent teachers. 52 teachers faced pay cut & show cause notices, whereas 6 teachers to face proceedings under PEDA act.





Children Lok Mela organized

The National Institute of Folk and Traditional heritage started a new program series on Children Lok Mela in collaboration with the Training Wing.

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Punjabi writer Afzal Randhawa passes away

The celebrated Punjabi writer and intellectual Afzal Ahsan is no more. His contributions to novel growth, literacy and short stories will forever be remembered as he gave the Punjabi literati a new dimension.

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Teachers Education Secretary meet to resolve pay issues

A day after the police thrashed teachers protesting against non-payment of salaries outside the Karachi Press Club. Thus, a meeting had to be scheduled between Education Secretary and Representatives of the New Teachers Action committee.

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CADD Minister to inspect up-gradation work soon

The Minister of State for Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) would soon start inspection visits of 100 public sector educational institutes which are being upgraded under the Prime Minister’s Education Reforms Program (PMERP), an official said on Tuesday.

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100 schools are under construction under the Prime Minister Reforms Program

Under the Prime Minister Reforms Program 100 schools are under construction in Islamabad. Minister CADD visited a school in G-6 to inspect progress and development.

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An award distribution ceremony was held in Islamabad Model College I-10/1

The Award distribution ceremony held in Islamabad Model College for Boys I-10/4 celebrated those students and teachers who participated in Independence day celebrations.

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State’s unresponsiveness blamed for the poor state of education

The unresponsiveness of the state has been evident through the depleting quality of Education and failure to take due efforts in order to tackle and improve the condition.

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CADD to start inspection of rural schools next week

Minister of state for Capital Administration and Development Division Dr. Tariq Fazal Chaudhry will begin visits to schools in rural areas of Islamabad from next week to check the quality and pace of work falling under the Prime Minister’s Educational Reform.

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Establishment of IT varsity in Rawalpindi to boost education

President Mamnoon Hussain expressed his approval over an IT university in Rawalpindi that will boost the social and economic development in the education sector and benefit the country at large.

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Foreign investment in education sector to be welcomed

President Mamnoon Hussain, while at the inauguration ceremony of IT University, said that foreign investment should be welcomed in the education sector.

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Dr Umar Saif honored

To recognize the leadership and innovation in meeting global goals, Pakistan noted inventor Umar Saif has been chosen to join the inaugural of the Goal keepers 2017.

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High Court orders action to be take against drug-sellers in school

Justice Habibullah Amir of the Rawalpindi Bench of Lahore High Court has ordered strict action to be taken against those who sell drugs in educational institutions.

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United Teachers Council announces protest and sit-in

UTC has planned a protest and sit-in today in front of District Education Authority (DEA) office to raise voice about pending teachers’ issues in different districts.

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Govt is specially focusing on quality education - AEO

Newly hired Assistant Education Officer (AEO) in Pind Dadan Khan said that Punjab govt is giving special attention to primary school teachers and students, to strengthen the foundation of education in these early years.

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3 Students injured due to collapse of a Government School roof

A causality took place in a Government School where the roof fell off causing injury to the lives of 3 students.  Parents and teachers protested outside the hospital blaming it on the negligence of authorities involved.

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Notification of up-gradation of 35 PS teachers to 14th scale issued

DEO Elementary Women Razia Tabassum issues notification of 35 PS- Teachers upgradation to grade 14.

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Parents of students studying in private schools hold protests

Parents of students studying in private schools hold protest against increasing school fees.

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CEO Education Aijaz Joea has been replaced by Raees Ahmad

CEO Education Aijaz Joea has been replaced by Raees Ahmad on the complaints of teachers against him. Aijaz Joea has been appointed as Principal Government MA Jinnah High School Multan.

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Education is the best tool to fight backwardness

Professor Ahmad Hanif giving a special lecture to students in Khanpur said that education is the best tool to fight backwardness.

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Matric Supplementary Education practical to start from 23 September

SSC part II (1oth class) supplementary Examinations 2017 will start from 23rd September. The disciplines include Biology, Computer, Science, Physics and Chemistry etc.

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MOU signed to promote better education & career options

Jang Media Group signed a memorandum of understanding with Falcon Education and Consultancy Services in Lahore, to work collectively in the field of Education and career counselling.

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Larkana Education Board announces schedule for admission in 11th grade

Larkana Education Board has announced schedule for admission in 11th grade. Admissions for science group will be done between 15th September to 12th October.

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Students of government schools are no less than anyone in potential

Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah said that students have to work hard, invest in their studies to bear its fruit in future. He further said that children studying in govt. schools are not inferior in talent and potential to anyone.

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Young students must complete their education with full devotion

In order to ensure transparency, students will be given admission based on merit and after passing their NTS test.  Also, it is essential to work with full devotion and hard work so that they can execute the same abilities in the practical field.

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State-of-the art schools inaugurated

United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID)  Deputy Mission Director for Sindh & Balochistan, Denise A. Herbol along with Sindh education minister Jam Mehtab Dahar inaugurated two recently constructed schools by USAID in Sukkur District.

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18 BPS-17 professionals remain trapped

As many as 18 BPS-17 research officers working for Sindh works and Services Department have been deprived of their promotion due to lack of proper service structure.

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Workshop on women’s empowerment in media held

A two-day training workshop on women’s empowerment in Media and Journalism ended at the Shamsul Daudpota Library.

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Raid to be conducted on government schools and hospitals

Schools and Government hospitals to be under legal raid to assess the large number of absenteeism rate and ensure all facilities are available to the patients.

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Need to introduce why in our curriculum

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Societies develop because of education

The Former MPA Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Dr. Akhtar Malik said that societies only develop through education; youth should focus on higher education.

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Plan to spend 3 billion rupees to boost students

Lahore: The Government of Punjab will spend 3 billion rupees to enhance student talent in government schools, by restoring Bazme Adab Program.

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CEO Education replaced with another

Multan: The Chief Executive Officer Aizaz Joia was replaced with anther CEO Mr. Raees Ahmed. The step was taken on the complaints of teachers and Municipal Teachers Association.

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Civil Judge raids on different schools

Khairpur Mir: The Third Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate Wazir Ali Bohio paid a surprise visit of different government schools of Khairpur Mir.

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School roof leaves 3 students injured

Sujawal: The building of Government Primary School Union Council Raheem Dino Baran reached to a poor condition. Recently its roof tumbled down, leaving three students injured.

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School building standing in a crumbling condition

Khoorwah: The building of government primary school was constructed in 1901, now it has reached to dilapidated state, while students are compelled to sit in that dangerous building.

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Primary school building crumbling

Faridabad: The building of Government Primary School Mathen Akhkadhai was destroyed in the floods of 2010; its different parts are tumbling; while students have to sit in open and carry over their study.

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Students worried about condition of schools

Hayat Pitafi: Most of the school buildings of Union Council Hayat Pitafi have been left in a dilapidated state, while students are worried about their security and study.

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Five schools dysfunctional due to insufficient teachers

Wali Dad Pali: 5 government schools of Union Council Wali Dad Pali are left closed due to shortage of teachers, putting student education at stake.

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Judge raids on school, headmaster arrested

Jacobabad: The Civil Judge Thal paid a surprise visit to Government Primary School Thal and found the building in accusation of headmaster of the school. The headmaster was arrested by the police.

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Students waiting for teachers deputation in school

Thatta: The Government School building was constructed in Chak No.26 Golarchi, five years ago, but the building could not be utilized since then. School students are waiting for teachers’ deputation.

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Old trends will be changed for development of education: Jam Mehtab

Sukkur: The Minister for Education in Sindh Jam Mehtab Dahar has declared to say that Parents and Civil Society has to play better role to promote education in Sindh, adding that it the concept of education remained only getting government job, and then education in the province could not be improved. He said old culture in education will be changed for its development. He was addressing inauguration of high school with the support of USAID at Sukkur.

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High secondary school building dilapidating

Kunri: The building of Government Higher Secondary School Kunri has completely reached to crumbling state, affecting education of about 900 students.


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No steps were taken for education of Balochistan

Dhadhar: No implementing steps are being taken by the claimers of Parha Likha Balochitan; all claims have been confined to statements only. Government School of Kachi have not been provided free text books; whereas student education is affected.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/45626/59c15d9017008


Private School Act not acceptable

Panjgur: The President Balochistan Progressive Private Schools Association Muhammad Nawaz Pandrani said that Private Schools Act by the government is not acceptable.

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GTA alleges district management responsible for hindrance in teachers’ problems

Chaman: A meeting of Government Teachers Association was held at DC Complex and it was opined to allege that district government is responsible to be hindrance in the solution of teachers’ problems.

Complete Story: https://www.dailybaakhabar.com/category/page2/


All resource will be utilized for improvement of education: Abdul Fateh Bhangar

Loralai: A tea party was organized by Senior Staff Association Loralai in the honor of Secretary Education Balochistan. On the occasion Abdul Fateh Bhangar said that resources will be utilized for bringing improvement in education.

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Teachers should work hard improving education

The Deputy District Education Officer Chaltan Town Quetta Gul Muhammad Kakar paid a visit to government schools of the town on public complaints and found most of the school buildings surrounded with problems. He directed the teachers and concerned heads to improve their progress.


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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Parents should send their children to schools

Thanna: A program was organized at Government Higher Secondary School Shamozai. While addressing to the program, Principal of the school said that education is the ornament of human beings and without that people live a disappointed life, so it is responsibility of parents to send their children to schools.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dailyaaj.com.pk/index.php?city=peshawar&page=21&date=2017-09-20


Education Act Service being set to contract

Peshawar: According to Education Act Teachers services will be on contract; their pension will not be ended, but their time scale promotions will be possible through that.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104558382&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170920


Protest against financial crises in institutes

Peshawar: A protest was carried on the call of All TEVTA Employees Coordination Council against financial crises in technical institutes of the province.

Complete Story: http://www.dailysubh.pk/peshawar?date=2017-09-20&page=2


Islami Jamiat e Tulba to start movement for provision of education

Bajor Agency: Islami Jamiat e Tulba declares to start a movement for provision of education and removing hindrances against education.

Complete Story:  http://www.dailysubh.pk/peshawar?date=2017-09-20&page=4


Private institutes opposed Education Act

Noshehra: Private Schools Association has shown opposition to Education Service Act.


Complete Story: http://naibaat.com.pk/Pre/peshawar/Page03.aspx