19th July 2017

Transparency in education system must be endured

Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Engr. Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, while presiding over the senate meeting of the University of Science and Technology Bannu said that all kind of irregularities should be avoided and education system based on transparency must be ensured.

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Capable teachers and their effort

District Education officer emphasised the need for capable and hard-working teachers and their importance in improving the education standards in the region.

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Importance to education and health

Liaquat Agha stated that Importance needs to be given to the sectors of education and health.

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Education and training of the youth

Zubair Ahmed Gondal stated in Quetta that it is the responsibility of the society to provide adequate education and training to the youth of this country.

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Standard of education and change in society

Professor Fazl-e-Haq Mir stated that only through raising of standards of education can we bring about a proper change in the country.

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Teacher’s problems will be solved

Watan Teacher’s association’s head Niaz Baloch stated that Teachers problems will be given attention and will be solved.

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The start of change

The VC of Jama Balochistan has stated that change has begun since education standards are already improving in the province.


Importance to education provision and standard

Syed Zahid Hussain stated that the government is focusing on provision and standard of education.

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Teachers should combat unfair policies

Government Teachers Association has issued a statement saying that the Teachers should protest openly against unfair policies.

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Private Education regulatory body soon in AJK

To ensure fee and other required discipline in private educational institutions, a private education regulatory body will soon be set up.

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Students warned against admission to unrecognised medical schools

PMDC has warned students against admission to unrecognised medical schools.

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Headstart school wins robotics contest

Headstart school students stood out amongst the participants of the 15th National Engineering Robotics contest at NUST.

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Pakistani students participate in Chemistry and Physics Olympiads

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Private Schools continue to charge fees for summer vacations

Private educational institutions in connivance with Private Educational Regulatory Authority (PERA) have charged additional tuition fee from students in summers.

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Poor students to get education in Islamabad

Sindh Minister for Education and Literacy, Jam Mehtab Dahar, said that an MOU has been signed between Sindh Education Foundation and Abdul Qadeer Khan Schooling System Islamabad to provide quality education to 232 poor students in Islamabad.

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Interim FDE chief likely to get extention

Continuing with its policy of adhocism towards public sector education in Islamabad, the CADD is likely to extend term of Hasnat Qureishi as the acting Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) director general for three more months.

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Matriculation results to be announced on 25th July

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CEO Education head complaints

CEO Education heard complaints against Private school owners and Lahore and promised to take action.

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Incredible changes in education standard

Shahista Pervaiz Malik stated in Wazirabad that incredible changes need to be made the education standards in the country to help it succeed.

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100 school buildings on rent

In Wazirabad it was found that 100 school building which should have been model school

were rented.

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Orders to clean schools during rainy season

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CEO to be transferred

THE CEO of Education department Multan is going to be transferred.

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Only through education can we succeed

Poet Noshi Anjum stated in Multan that only through quality education can we succeed.

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Cooperation between Rescue 1122 and Private Schools Association

Rescue 1122 and Private Schools Association have signed a treaty to facilitate each other in promoting education in society.

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Teacher’s problems will be solved

Secretary schools stated in Rawalpindi that Teachers problems will be solved from the grass-level.

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Children working as domestic labourers facing brutal violence

Human Rights defender Tanveer Jahan said that article 25-A of the Constitution of Pakistan guarantees free and compulsory education for every child between the age of 5 to 16 years and the Punjab government had also enacted “The Punjab Free & Compulsory Education Act 2014” to reaffirm the Constitutional provision.

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30 mobile and 40 formal community schools to be opened

To increase enrollment literacy rate in the area, 30 mobile classrooms and 40 formal community schools will be opened in Cholistan.

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Drop-out rate: School admin answerable

PEF executive officer has asked the administration of 19 schools to come to a meeting answer for the high drop-out rate in Shujabad.

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Principal Shaukat Sherani to be presented infront of CEO district education Multan

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Efforts for education provision to Cholistan

Pakistan Education Foundation’s (PEF) representative stated that the PEF is making efforts for education provision to the children of Cholistan.

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Enrollment can not increase without ending poverty

Teacher’s union stated that the only way enrollment can be increase is if poverty is alleviated.

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School heads faked enrollment numbers

The administration and heads of primary, secondary and high schools across Faisalabad district have been involved in furnishing fake enrollment numbers to the education department.

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Pakistan Awareness Programme

Students and teachers from various schools around Lahore took field trip to Aiwan-e-Karkuna-e-Pakistan and Aiwan-e-Quaid-e-Azam, under the Pakistan Awareness Programme.

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Schedule for matriculation exam admission

Punjab Board has issued the schedule for matriculation examination admission.

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New colleges to be opened in Punjab

Punjab Group of Colleges has announced that they will open schools in 15 new cities.

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ANF to work against the spread of narcotics into educational institutions

The government of Sindh, in order to address the health issues of school children and the spread of narcotics in the educational institutions, will conduct blood tests of all students in private and public institutions, annually.

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Schedule for matriculation exam admission

Sindh Board has issued the schedule for matriculation examination admission.

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Ambiguous admission policy

Due to ambiguous admission policy of colleges and higher secondary schools, there has been a delay in admissions in Sindh.

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Dawood Foundation organises summer camp for the underprivileged children

The Dawood Foundation has organised a summer camp for the under-privileged children of Rahmat-e-islamia and Khatoon-e-Pakistan government schools to give them an equal opportunity to enjoy summers and hone their skills.

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Intermediate’s copy checking will take place at teacher’s homes

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Government working towards provision of quality education

Chief Minister Sindh stated in Karachi that the Government was contantly working towards providing quality education in the province.

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School headmasters appointed without proper procedure

Without Public service commission's approval 1039, 17 grade personal were made head teachers in Sindh.

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Time to discover what education really means

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Letter to the Editor

Education and Stakeholders


Our Education System




Directives to transfer Chief Executives of Education Department

Multan: The Education Department Multan has issued directives of transfering number of Chief Executive Officers, along with Principal High School Galgasht.

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Zakaria University Syndicate meeting

Multan: Zakari University's syndicate meeting will be held on 22nd July.

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Announcement of Laptop Scheme

Multan: Higher Education announced phase 4 and 5th Laptop scheme.

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CEO calls 19 School Heads

Multan: Heads of 19 girls and boys schools of Tahseel shuja abad were called to CEO office on their poor performance.

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Protest to take Head Masters test

Khairpur Mirs: Aspirants  from Khairpur Mirs protested to conduct test for the vacant posts of Head Masters.

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PPP Members praise ability of Education Officer

QALAT: Pakistan People's Party Members Ali Ahmed Baluch and others praised the efficiency of district Education Officer Qalat, adding that educational institutes of the district will be improving with his deputation.

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Teachers' Children are deprived of Scholarship

QUETTA: The Chairman Watan Teachers Association District suhubatpur Muhammad Ayub has said Teachers children are kept deprived of getting scholarship stipend.

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 Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa

Government School results are not satisfying

Peshawar: The High Court Peshawar has shown seriousness on unsatisfying results of Matriculation, inquiring about who would take street children to schools.

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HEC approves FATA University's Master Plan

Peshawar: Higher Education Commission Islamabad has approved Master plan of FATA University.


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