15th August 2017

Private school body hails govt decision

The Private Educational Association Kohat has expressed hope that with inclusion of senior member to the association in the body to be set up by the government to suggest amendments to KP Private Schools Regulatory Authority Act will help in the resolution of the long standing problems that private education system was facing.

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KP Education- A cautious turn:

KP government’s decision to close down schools with low enrolment rate and merge the ones on the brink of extinction is taken as an alarming situation for the residents. This raises questions on the manifestos proposed and the implementation of quality Education promises and their deliverance in real life. Out of 49, 43 girl schools have been closed down that signify that the issue needs to be talked over in detail.

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Iqra Public School falls in colors of patriotism:

Iqra public high school system paid a rich tribute to the heroes on the auspicious occasion of 14th August. Parents and children both participated in the ceremony that included drama competition and debate contests in an effort to involve all students.

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Flag hoisted at Girls high school Saidu Sharif:

Along with keeping the flag up high, a special prayer was also conducted to commemorate the National day and pay rich tribute to the sacrifices of heroes.

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Excellence Awards distributed among high achievers:

Ayub Stadium was used as the reception point on the night of Independence Day where veteran guests graced the occasion with their presence. Singers and other professionals were invited from different cities to act and add charm to the ceremony.

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We support the efforts of Education Minister:

The issue of senior junior teachers was dealt with by taking a prompt action and taking into view those appointed through nepotism by making necessary shifts.

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Education should be treated as a faculty:

Education should be treated as a faculty that produces better human beings and helps change behavior rather than using it as a tool to get work done. Shujaat expressed his views at a seminar titled “Women’s empowerment”, which majorly dealt with issues women face in the realm of education. It also talked of how the conventional education system paid no heed to the hidden talent and abilities of students.

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Inside secrets to the journey of Education:

The issues of communication gap have been faced on since a long time now, a discrepancy between counselors, teachers and faculty exists. It also highlights how a degree does not guarantee a job at the end of the day that raises more questions in an ordinary human’s mind with major emphasis on how Arts and sports are trivial fields and placed less importance upon as careers.

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Independence Day celebrated with fervor:

The Islamabad Model College celebrated Independence by hoisting a flag, paying tribute to the heroes of Pakistan and saluting the services and sacrifices of those who made it come into being. The hall was decorated with embellishments and teaching and non-teaching staff attended the occasion. A thanksgiving was also announced for the founder of Pakistan who through his relentless efforts made this day possible.

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Absence of faculty in government schools in Federal

Despite of reform programs, there is still an absence of faculty in government schools of federal.

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Infrastructure first grade, learning standard third grade

Of the 36 districts of Punjab, Chiniot’s district education standard ranks 27th on the basis of poor quality of learning in the fourth quarter of 2016-17.

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List of deteriorated school lists demanded:

List of all government schools demanded that are in poor condition, with cracked buildings. An allocative fund of 2 billion,80 crore and 75 lakh has been generated, thus work on improving the condition will soon be started.

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Pakistan’s 65% literacy rate a matter of concern

Education plays an important role in development of a country. Pakistan has 65% rate of literacy, which is a matter of concern.

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Schools opening today

Government schools opening today after summer break.

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Education expert Ch. Mazhar Hussain Warraich made headmaster

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Pak-China agreement signed to enhance cooperation on educational and infrastructural improvements:

During the visit of the Chinese delegation to Pakistan, the prime Minister signed an agreement to enhance and upgrade the educational and infrastructural need through bilateral cooperation. Exchange of documents over Fata schools was made and efforts directed towards achieving strategic growth of the country.

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Solar fans given in schools

Solar fans were distributed in schools in Larkana.

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Real education includes good upbringing, values and ethics

“The focus is all on good grades and certificates in our country, and not on real education which involves good upbringing, values and ethics” said Senator Khushbakht Sajjad.

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Education Emergency not properly implemented in Sindh

There are few Tehsils in Sindh that still have schools in slum.

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New schools

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Letters to the editor

Destruction of Education
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Teachers’ promotion cases pending

Multan: Annual Promotion cases of Teachers of Faisalabad and different districts of Punjab are still hanging unattended.

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School wall becomes security risk

Shujabad: Compound wall of Government Girls Degree College Shujabad was destroyed due to recent thunderstorms, now it has become a security risk.

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Seventy percent areas of Sindh do not have schools: Khursheed Shah

Sukkur: Opposition Leader in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah has said that 70 percent areas of Sindh do not have facility of School buildings.

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14th August celebrated in different Schools of Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Celebration of 14th August, Independence Day, was celebrated in Schools of different Districts of Sindh, including Hyderabad.

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Primary School building becomes dangerous

Thatta: Building of Government Primary School Wahid Dino Shar, near Thatta, is left unattended, while it has become dangerous for student lives. The students are sitting in another muddy hut and continue study.

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Students sit under tree due to shortage of furniture in School

Naushehro Feroz: The Students of Government Primary School Darya Khan Lighari are compelled to sit under tree, due to shortage of basic facility of furniture in the School.

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Education emergency could not improve system in Tharparker

Mithi: Education Emergency could not bring any change in Government Higher Secondary Schools and Colleges of District Tharparker. Collectively thousands of students are getting education in the institutes, but due to shortage of teachers, they have to confront difficulties.

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Degree College could not be established after 23 years

Thatta: Taluka Pithoro has been left behind curtains since long 23 years without Degree College.

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500 Middle Schools closed in Mirpurkhas

Mirpurkhas: More than five hundred Government Schools have been closed in Mirpurkhas, due to carelessness of Officers, leaving thousands of children deprive of Education.


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Celebration of 14th August in Schools

Muslim Bagh: Program of celebration of 14th August was organized in different Schools of Muslim Bagh.

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Enrollment drive movement

Dera Murad Jamali: Enrollment drive movement rally was organized in Nasirabad under Education Department and UNICEF.

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Independence Day celebration in High School

Zhob: Jashan e Azadi was celebrated in Government High School Kali Apozai.


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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

GSTA favors to merge SST and SS Cadres

Peshawar: The Provincial President GSTA Sardar Amanullah favored the merging of SST and SS Cadres, explaining that shortage of Teaches will be sufficed in Higher Secondary School through that system.

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