13th Sep 2017


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Lecturers hold protest

The professors and lecturers of different colleges took to the street to respond against the proposed enforcement of Higher Education Act.

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Balochistan allocated maximum budget for education

Private institutions are playing their role in creating social awareness about education along with public institutions. Emphasis on science and technology is vital to make progress.
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Regularization of teachers still under process

Minister for Capital Administration and Development Division Tariq Fazal stated that the establishment division has been asked to set modalities for regularization of teachers currently working under deputation basis in the educational institutes.

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Scholarships awarded by the Japanese

The Japanese Embassy organized a pre-departure orientation for 15 Pakistani scholarship awardees who would soon be leaving for Japan for having received an entry into the Japanese universities.

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World literacy Day celebrated at RMS

Roots Millennium school celebrated the International Literacy Day with full fervor and Zeal with the aim to promote literacy and place emphasis on the challenges that lie ahead. The students pledged to read extra 60 seconds for 60 days to improve their speed and literacy.

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Education is foundation of progress

Education is foundation of progress & prosperity.Progressive & prosperous nations resort to education first.

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OPF schools increased tuition fees unilaterally for three years

Overseas Pakistan Foundation (OPF) educational institutions have been increasing their tuition fees unilaterally for the last three years, the Capital Administration and Development Division (CADD) state minister revealed on Thursday.

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CPSP Center Inaugurated

Gilgit Baltistan chief minister Hafiz ur Rahman inaugurated CPSP regional center in Gilgit Baltistan. The chief minister appreciated the efforts of CPSP within the country and abroad.

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Construction of Danish Schools using substandard material

Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Nawaz sharif's project “Danish schools” is under construction in Chak 204. Although it has been completed more than half but the constructors involved have utilized low quality material resulting in issues.

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Punjab announces the Intermediate results

The ratio of girls to boys’ performance in the Intermediate examination remained 11% more. A ceremony was held at the auditorium.

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Restricting an age limit on the education contest questioned

Lahore high court has questioned the public service commission and Punjab government for imposition of the age limit in the education contest. Two weeks’ time period has been set till the authorities can question the concern.

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The Government of Punjab takes constructive steps

On the occasion of the world Literacy day the provincial minister of human rights expressed that the Punjab government is taking all necessary steps to improve the Quality of education and stressed on the fact that education can bring about needed improvements in the society.

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National Educational policy 2017 to be talked over

A uniform education system throughout the country and improvement in the current education standard drafted in the Educational policy will be discussed over on the 19th September in Quetta.

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Students of age less than 12 years will be allowed to sit in 9th examination

Lahore High Court has allowed students of age less than 12 will be allowed to sit in the board examination of 9th class.

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Government of Punjab is working day and night to improve quality of education

Provincial Minister Khalil Tahir Sindhu made a statement that government of Punjab is working with Department for Literacy and Non-formal Education, Punjab to increase outreach to children.

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36 thousand students enrolled in education centres

Dr. Farakh Javed stated that we are working for 100% literacy rate by year 2030 in the province of Punjab.

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Notices to principals for including minor students in protest

The Daska local administration on Tuesday issued show cause notices to owners/ principals of 17 private schools for bringing out minor students to participate in an anti-Myanmar rally.

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The real heroes are board position-holders - Dr. Farrukh Javed

He said that those students who’ve achieved high scores even in debilitating conditions and limited resources are the real heroes of the country.

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Students protest against garbage dumping on school premises

Students and staff of the school protested saying the area of a govt school in Doltala is being used as a garbage dump for 12 years.

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Teachers subjected to baton charge

Demanding payment of the salaries due from over 5 years now, teachers were baton charged by police outside the press club. Two of the teachers were injured while three were taken into custody.

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Police thrash teachers protesting against non-payment of salaries

Police on Tuesday resorted to baton charge and used water cannon against teachers protesting against non-payment of their salaries since 2012.

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All is not well in exam patterns of BISEs

When it comes to board at exams at secondary and higher secondary levels, the use of unfair means or cheating are peculiarly considered as the only malady.  

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Three education officers served show-cause notices

Three officers of Education Department in Larkana have been issued show-cause notices for engaging in a physical fight with the official staff of the department.

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Letters to the editor


Dismal condition of education in Pakistan



Education system






Poor selection of educators

Lahore: It has been exposed that poor selection of educators was done while tempering in the Union Council record.

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Students less than 12 years eligible for 9th examination

Lahore: Students less than 12 years can appear for 9th class examination. The decision has been taken by the Lahore High Court.

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Teachers protesting for salary baton charged in Karachi

The teachers, who were protesting for salaries, were baton charged and water cannons while they were marching towards Chief Minister’s house to place their demands before Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah.

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School roof leaves five students injured

Tharparkar: Five Students got serious injuries due to tumbling of roof pieces at Government Primary School Nao Kot city.

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Protest against crumbling condition of school building

Mirpur Bathoro: The building of Government Primary School Ahmed Khan Zao, near Mirpur Bathoro, is dilapidated. Recently its roof parts tumbled down, but teachers and students remained safe.

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Countless schools dysfunctional in Serani

Badin: Education in district Badin is badly affected due to closure of countless government schools, because of introducing biometric verification system. Numbers of teachers have retired, while posts are lying vacant, but no teachers are appointed on their place.

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School building crumbling

Naushehro Feroz: The building of Government PC School Mithiani is left in a crumbling condition, due to carelessness of Education Department.

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Primary school building near to collapse

Naushehro Feroz: The building of government Primary School Umeed Ali Dahiri is left in a dilapidated state. It different parts are tumbling.

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Primary school dysfunctional

Jamal Shah: The Government Primary School Village Hamza Khan Chandio was left closed due to heedlessness of education authorities. Student education is being affected since months.

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Girls school building tumbling intermittently

Larkana: The building of Government Girls Middle School Village Wakro, Taluka Dokri has reached to dilapidated state, due to carelessness of education authorities. Its different ceiling parts are falling intermittently. The building has been announced dangerous by Taluka Education Officer female Madam Zaib ul Nisa Khonharo.

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Number of schools of Mubarakpur in crumbling condition

Jacobabad: The Government Schools of Mubarakpur and its adjacent areas are reported to be dysfunctional, leaving thousands of students deprive of getting education. The school buildings are left in a decaying condition.

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Scholarship stipend amount grabbed

Nawabshah: Millions of rupees were given for Government Middle and Primary School students of Nawabshah, but the scholarship stipend amount has been violated, while leaving poor students deprived of the stipend.

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Nations’ fate is changed through education: Sabir Baloch

Panjgur: A program was organized in the honor of students taking part in debate organized by OESP for talent search in Panjgur. Chief Guest of the program was Principal Model High School, Sabir Ali Baloch. He said on the occasion that education teaches to differentiate what is wrong and right; nations’ fate is changed through education.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/44782/59b82d2bc1e0a


Shortage of education facilities in Noshki

Noshki: The Spokesperson Baloch Students Organization Noshiki zone has declared in an issued statement that educational institutes of Noshki are prey of shortage of basic facilities.

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Kachi schools could not receive textbooks

The Government Schools of Kachi are left without free textbooks. The schools have started functioning from 9th August, but no provision of books has been implemented.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/44750/59b81ca82f855


Manzoor Ahmed Niazi seems optimistic in provision of standard education

Ziyarat: The Additional Deputy Commissioner Manzoor Ahmed Niazi said during his presence in a walk that provision of standard education can be done and other stages can also be settled optimistically. He added that parents should admit children in schools.

Complete Story: https://www.dailybaakhabar.com/category/page2/


Demand to expedite SST promotions

Loralai: A meeting of Senior Educational Staff was held and it was demanded from higher authorities of Education department to expedite the process of promoting Subject Specialist Teachers.

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Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

No nation can develop without education, says Junaid Akbar Khan

Thana: PTI Provincial Member and Member National Assembly Junaid Akbar Khan explained during inauguration of computer laboratory in Government High School No.3 College Colony, that no nation can attend development without attaining education.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dailyaaj.com.pk/index.php?city=peshawar&page=21&date=2017-09-13



Girls school percentage doubled: Atif Khan

Peshawar: Minister for Education Muhammad Atif Khan has declared that PTI Government is paying special attention in girls’ education and according to new education policy percentage of girls schools has been doubled up to 75%, whereas first Girls Cadet College was established.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104535533&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170913



Directives to start dengue control movement in educational institutes

Peshawar: Directives have been issued by the Health Department KPK to start movement to control dengue in government and private institutes.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104535535&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170913


Teachers and other staff protest for demands

Panjgoor: Professors, clerical staff and class four staff held a protest for their demands.

Complete Story: http://www.dailysubh.pk/peshawar?date=2017-09-13&page=4


300 rupees extended in scholarship of secondary students

Peshawar: The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has increased 300 rupees in the scholarship of secondary class students.

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Second phase of sending children to schools

Charsadda: The department of Education Charsadda has started second phase of sending children to schools who are out of schools.

Complete Story: http://dailyaeen.com.pk/index.php?page=8&edition=peshawar&date=2017-09-13&type=newspaper