13th Oct 2017



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Students must carry on with both academia and serving humanity

Peshawar: Students must concentrate their energy and focus towards education as well as serving humanity for this is their moral duty as well.

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Movement for education problems in Nushki

Nushki: Information Secretary of Balochistan Students Organization stated that there is a need for movement for education problems in Nushki. Students are not provided textbooks and there is shortage of teachers as well.  

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Annual sports weeks starts

Quetta: Professor public school and college sports weeks has commenced. Students participating in different sports are showing great enthusiasm and excitement for the upcoming event.

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Teachers are repository of knowledge

Islamabad: Teachers are the repository to knowledge and a source towards making the lives of children better. Thus, the theme of this Teacher’s Day was focused around empowering teachers.

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World Teachers Day celebrated

Islamabad: Esteemed volunteer teacher Master Ayub visited CDA Model School in connection with World Teachers Day as chief guest.

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Waseela Taleem: 1.5 Lac more students enrolled to schools

Lahore: Under Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Waseela Taleem Programme has been successful to enroll more than 1.5 lac more students with respect to the target they were given.

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Middle school waiting to be upgraded from 16 years

Bavel: Girls middle school was constructed 16 years back on land donated by locals.

Natives demand for upgradation of school from Middle to High level.

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Govt directs to improve electric supply system in schools

Rawalpindi: Punjab Education department has directed schools heads across province to improve & resolve power supply issues in schools.

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Controller education Board Doctor Zafar Iqbal takes charge

Multan: Doctor Zafar Iqbal newly appointed Controller will take charge from today.

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Educational Officer Session will be held today

Multan: Punjab chief education officer District education authority will hold its session on 14th October.

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In order to succeed Education has to be the main focus

Cholistan: The current government has been working relentlessly to increase the literacy rate and been providing funds to invest in the growth of education. Chief Minister has been thriving to match up the education standards of both rural and urban areas.

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Applications for scholarships for Hufaz & disabled people's children

Rawalpindi: Rawalpindi education board has asked Hufaz & children of poor & disabled who passed Matric exam in 2017 to submit applications for scholarships.

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Government orders security audit of Category A schools

Lahore: The Punjab government directed officials to ensure security measures at Category A schools of the province remained in line with the recommendations of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs).

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Sheikh Zahid Public school proceeding towards betterment

Rahimyar Khan: The result of the school had shown a considerate increase from the past years. Students and teachers have shown that hard work and dedication is the only way a better future can be achieved.

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Education teaches us to value humans

Wazir Abad: Education teaches us the fundamental values of respecting other humans. It is essential to empower them with the vision of investing in education.

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DC Gujrat visits girl school of Kharian

Gujrat: Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali, paid a surprise visit to Girls English medium school and assessed the performance of the teachers.

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6 thousand application received against 248 seats

Gujranwala: Education Department has received 6 thousand applications against 248 seats. The application received have been dropped in my educational officials both male and female.

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Government Watan high school conducts an event

Lahore: The position holders of seven schools were awarded with medals on their remarkable performance by the Government of Punjab Director Education Authority.

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School timings for winter season

Rawalpindi: Ministry of Education has issued school timings for winter season in schools of Rawalpindi and other cities in the province of Punjab.

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High Court delayed dismissal of teachers’ recruitment

Rawalpindi: Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mansoor Ali Shah delayed dismissal of teachers’ recruitment.

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School building in a bad condition

Mithi: Building of boys middle school in Diplo Jhap is in a bad condition. Only 1 teacher is available for 100 students.

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Special Assistant to CM visits Deaf Reach School

Karachi: Special Assistant to Chief Minister for Human Rights and Special Education Rehana Leghari visited on Thursday the Deaf Reach School run by Family Education Services Foundation (FSEF), a non profit organization that works for the deaf community.

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SHC wants report on security of educational institutions

Karachi: The Sindh High Court (SHC) sought on Thursday a report from the provincial chief secretary regarding security measures adopted at private educational institutes facing threats of attacks by militants.

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Students provided a shield by the police

Burewala: Students had fallen prey to the vicious attacks of individual who tried to derail the education system. Parents had stopped sending their children to school out of fear and danger to their life. The police has taken action against those involved.

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Letters to the editor


Schooling system

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Third world is away from the advancement of science and technology

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Nusrat Firdous took charge

Multan: Miss Nusrat Firdous took charge as new District Education Officer Female.

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School class occupied by Police

Khairpur Mirs: Third Civil Judge Khairpur paid a surprise visit of Government Primary Schools of Village Noor Muhammad Bughti, Abdul Ghani Bhughti, Yousif Bhayo and others, inspecting their record. He found Boys Primary School Abri Wari in police custody and directed to vacant it.

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Middle school students deprived of textbooks

Mirpurkhas: About 6500 students of Middle Schools have been kept aloof of getting textbooks. Claims of Sindh Government for provision of text books could not be implemented.

Complete Story: http://dailyjeejal.com/e-paper/2017-10-13/news/page2/1%20(2).htm


Girls school dysfunctional since long ten years

Hayat Pitafi: Government Girls Primary School Village Sultan Gabol is left unattended by Education Department for past ten years, leaving girl students deprived of primary education.

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Primary school building dilapidated

Kakar: The building of Government Girls Primary School Kakar; while education is being affected. The residents carried protests for its early repairing.

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Shortage of furniture in school

The government girls primary school is facing shortage of basic facilities of furniture; students have to sit on ground due to shortage.

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School buildings affected in past floods

Ghari Khero: Most of the Government School buildings of Ghari Khero were affected by the floods of 2010. It has been reported that 132 Schools are with buildings; while 195 are running without buildings compelling students to sit in open sky.

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Student education affected due to unavailability of teacher

Setharja: The Government Primary School Ahmed Abad Jakar is running without teachers, while student education is being affected.

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Provision of standard education is first priority

Loralai: Commissioner Zhob Division Dr. Syed Saif ur Rahman has said that steps will be taken against absent teachers. Provision of standard education is first priority, he added.

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All resources will be utilized to improve education

Bhaag: On taking charge as Head Master of Government High School Pahor, Ghulam Mustafa said all abilities will be utilized for improvement of education.

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Jaffarabad School buildings near to collapse

Jaffarabad: Education system of Jaffarabad reached to devastating state; most of its school buildings are left in dilapidated state and are near to collapse. Student live are stake.

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Educational institutes of Nushki facing problems

Quetta: Central Information Secretary Baloch Students Organization Nasir Baloch has said that education department does not pay any heed to education system of Nushki, about 10000 students are still deprived of free textbooks.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104627440&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20171013

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Shortage of basic facilities in primary school

Rustam: The Government Primary School Rustam is facing acute shortage of basic facilities; students have to face difficulties.

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