12th June, 2017

No relief provided to teachers in the provincial budget

The promises made to teachers have not been fulfilled, said Bakhtiyar Zameen, President Tanzeem-e-Asatza.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254801&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170611


Teachers take to the streets against monitoring system

The local teachers took to streets here on Sunday against monitoring system of the education department.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=12_06_2017_182_009



13 development projects approved for FATA

The participants were briefed about the salient features of the projects which mainly related to agriculture development, road construction, education, especially provision of scholarships to students studying in different educational institutions across the country, as well as promotion of literacy rate in Fata.

Complete Story: https://www.dawn.com/news/1338636


Shangla School awaiting to be rebuilt after twelve years

The school was destroyed in the 2005 earthquake and has not been rebuilt since.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104251952&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170610


Muhammad Haroon Rasheed appointed Assistant Education Officer, Shangla

Before his appointment as Assistant Education Officer, Haroon Rasheed served as principal in Government High School, Chikat Karora

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257046&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170612   


151,000 students from private schools shift to public schools

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254642&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170611


Rs 2.35 billion allocated for building classrooms

KP government has allocated Rs 2.35 billion for building an additional 2544 classrooms in primary schools.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254627&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170611


Appointments on merit ignored by education department

Education department, Shangla, has ignored appointing people on the basis of merit.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254819&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170611




Matric supplementary examinations to start from 1st August

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256563&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


Matric results announced today

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104250943&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170610


Student’s achievements in Matric examinations

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256581&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


Education is the key to nation success: DEO Mastung

Complete story:http://e.jang.com.pk/06-10-2017/Quetta/page7.asp


Educational emergency needs to improve educational standard: GTA Loralai

Senior teachers are not happy with the appointment of junior officers on senior post

Complete story:http://e.jang.com.pk/06-11-2017/Quetta/page4.asp


SESA is working actively to solve educational issues

For the rights of teachers continuous efforts will made.

Complete story:http://e.jang.com.pk/06-11-2017/Quetta/page7.asp


Secretary education should be recovered immediately: Hameed Ullah

Complete Story:http://e.jang.com.pk/06-11-2017/Quetta/page10.asp


It is unfair to attach teachers of Boys and Girls Middle School

District Member, Junaid Khan Mengal said that it is unfair for the students to attach teachers from Kabool to Nushki.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256833&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


There is a need to create a welcoming environment for students coming from poor economic backgrounds: Ghaffar Kadezai

President Senior Educational Staff Association Balochistan, Abdul Ghaffar Kadezai said that important posts in the education department are vacant for quite some time, leading to problems in the education sector of Balochistan.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256405&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


Societies that don’t respect their teachers are bound to fail: Saeed Mandokheil

President Balochistan Professors and Lecturers Association, Saeed Mandokheil expressed regret over the poor treatment of Professor Asmat Ullah.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256396&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


Teachers should send their documents for seniority list: Qasim Kakar

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104253758&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170611


A private school should be built in Sarmil

For several years, children in Sarmil are getting an education under the open sky.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104253811&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170611


Al-Khidmat Foundation: Serving the country’s poor

President Al-Khidmat Foundation, Asim Sanjirani said that annually, an amount of Rs 36,000 is given to needy children to fulfill their educational and health needs.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104251226&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170610


There should be no bias when it comes to distributing laptops among students: Islami Jamiat Talba

Representative of Islami Jamiat Talba said that if there is any sort of corruption in the laptop scheme, then the organisation will protest against it.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104250960&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170610 


Education to get Rs 40 billion in the provincial budget

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104259269&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20170612




Teachers Say Government Ignored Them In Budget

The Lower Dir chapter of Tanzeem-i-Asatza Pakistan, a teachers’ wing of JI, on Sunday announced to start a protest drive against the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government after Eidul Fitr for not keepings its promises made with the teachers.  

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=12_06_2017_183_004


Delay in girls’ schools’ reconstruction resented

The local residents have resented the long delay in the reconstruction of the girls’ higher secondary school in Chakdara and demanded necessary action on it by the education department. They, mostly parents, told Dawn that the students were in distress as they had to attend classes in the open.

Complete Story:https://www.dawn.com/news/1338620


Several schools in Bajaur without shelters

Several state-run schools in remote areas of Bajaur Agency are functioning without shelters and basic facilities, forcing students to sit in the open in extreme weather conditions.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=11_06_2017_183_007  


Water shortage at Khar Degree College

The issue of water shortage in Khar Degree College, Bajaur Agency has been ongoing for years.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257063&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170612





FDE forms online complaint cell

As part of bids to improve student learning environment in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) has created an online cell for the speedy resolution of their grievances about public sector educational facilities in the region and staff members.

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Every 3rd child is a labour in Pakistan/ Workers Federation vows to end Child Labour

Today world is celebrating Child labour day.

Complete story:http://e.jang.com.pk/06-12-2017/Lahore/pic.asp?picname=1512.gif






ASER Survey

The ASER survey has been completed and is set to be launched after Eidul Fitr.

Complete Story: http://epaper.dawn.com/DetailNews.php?StoryText=10_06_2017_177_003


Speed breakers in front of Private Schools

A civil society member stated in Shujaabad that the making of speed breakers in front of Private school has led to many more incidents than what the speed breaker was meant to prevent. Therefore, they need to be removed.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-06-12/Multan/epaper_images/epaper_img_1497218364.gif



Kabirwala Public School needs to be inspected

Javaid Ikhtayar stated in Kabirwala that the Kabirwala Public School needs to be inspected as soon as possible.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-06-12/Multan/epaper_images/epaper_img_1497218399.gif


Contradictions among laws for children create grim situation

“Because a child has different claims from the state, including health, education, prevention of child labour and other areas, they fall in different departments, including the health department, education department and labour department and they are not linked with each other where children are concerned,” Mubarik said, concluding that a bill was passed at the federal level recently for forming the National Commission of the Rights of Children but this body was yet to be formed and steps had not taken for its for its implementation.

Complete Story: https://www.dawn.com/news/1338599


WB ranks Punjab better among provinces

In Education sector, enrollment in primary schools has stagnated over the last ten years. The percentage of gross primary school enrollment in Pakistan remains on or around 91% in 2015. This was 98% in Punjab, higher than the national average and is followed by KP at 92% while Sindh and Balochistan are lagging at 79% and 73% respectively.

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School bags worth Rs 10.37 million to be distributed for free among students of public schools

CM Punjab has given the approval for the distribution of free bags among students.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104259121&Issue=NP_LHE&Date=20170612



Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) demand a 20% increase in salaries

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257136&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170612


Government is serious towards education: Senator Qayyum

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Defence Production, Gen (retd) Abdul Qayyum, said that both the government and the private sector are committed towards quality education provision.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257185&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170612


Grant of more than 40 billion for education department is shared for approval in Punjab assembly

Opposition rejects the financial cut, and says increase in education budget stats are incorrect.

Complete story:http://e.jang.com.pk/06-10-2017/Lahore/pic.asp?picname=628.gif


Govt reduces money allocation for education

The budget allocated for education this year was less than what it was allocated in the first year of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N’s) government, a budgetary allocation analysis by The Express Tribune revealed.

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Intermediate practical exams to start from tomorrow

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258568&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612


Non-abiding private schools forgiven, will not pay fines worth Rs 0.2 million

Five private schools who were not following government’s orders were fined Rs 0.2 million but are now forgiven since the principals of these schools have apologised for not giving summer vacations to their students.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258606&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612


37 schools emptied in district Multan over flood warnings

Punjab Government has emptied several schools in district Multan over flood warnings.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258731&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612


Rights demanded for principals of public colleges

Principal Wallayat Hussain College said that colleges ensure balance in the society.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257289&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612


Remaining non-salary budget amount given to High Schools

After Express News raised this issue, high schools are now going to be given Rs 0.18 millions. Before this, high schools were given just Rs 40,000.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258206&Issue=NP_FSB&Date=20170612




1400 teachers to be appointed in 120 colleges

Director College, Sarfaraz Ahmed said that teachers are going to be appointed in 120 colleges of Gujranwala region.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258798&Issue=NP_GRW&Date=20170612


Prison established right next to Girls College

Several human rights group have protested against the establishment of a prison right next to a girls college in Malakwal.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257698&Issue=NP_GRW&Date=20170612


Schoolteachers reiterate demand of 20 percent pay raise

Punjab public school teachers have yet again demanded the provincial government to grant them 20 percent pay raise.Talking to Daily Times on Sunday, representatives of Punjab Teachers Union (PTU) Sajjad Kazmi Group have demanded Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to accept their demand of a pay raise.

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CTP delivered road safety lectures to 5,000 students

Lahore Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Rai Ijaz Ahmad Friday said that the City Traffic Police (CTP) delivered road safety lectures to more than 5,000 thousand students at d50 educational institutions during the first ten days of holy fasting month of Ramazan. The chief traffic officer said that students took keen interest in the road safety lectures which would help decrease traffic rules violation.

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Orders given to renovate old school buildings during summer vacations

Deputy Commissioner, Talat Gondal has issued a notification to renovate old school buildings during the ongoing summer vacations.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256001&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170611


Summer camps, classes have started at Laboratory Higher Secondary Schools

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254906&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170611


Teachers waiting for stipend for exam duties

During who performed duties during Punjab Examination Commission (PEC) exams are still to be given stipend.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254906&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170611


PEF schools given till June 13 to submit students’ records

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254922&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170611


Appointment of teachers in schools continues

50% of the work related to appointing teachers has been completed.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104254948&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170611


Laptops distributed amongst four blind students for academic achievements

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104255243&Issue=NP_FSB&Date=20170611


Five middle schools upgraded to high, one school upgraded to higher secondary

MPA Chaudry Rafaqat Gujjar said that on his request, CM Punjab has upgraded several schools in PP-102.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104255527&Issue=NP_GRW&Date=20170611


Nine school principals given show-cause notice in Gujranwala

Due to a high dropout rate and poor performance of schools, the education department has given a show-cause notice to nine school principals and has started an investigation under the PEEDA Act.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104255668&Issue=NP_GRW&Date=20170611    


Elementary School Educators Merit list

The merit of elementary school educators has been made available on the website.

Complete Story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-06-12/Multan/epaper_images/epaper_img_1497218356.gif


Teachers union demand establishment of elementary education board

In order to ensure cheating free examinations, teachers union has demanded establishing an elementary education board.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104252475&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170610


Matric, FA, FSc results to be announced soon

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104251611&Issue=NP_ISB&Date=20170610


Government making serious efforts for provision of education

General Abid ul Qayum stated in Chakwal that the government was making a serious effort for the provision of quality education in the country.

Complete Story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-06-11/page-4


Poor quality materials used in the construction of School

In the construction of High School Chungamera, it was founded that poor quality materials were used.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-06-11/page-4


Education to 22 billion children

Khursheed Ahmad in Lahore stated that the Government has made arrangements for provision of education to 22 billion children in the country.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-06-10/page-2/detail-20


Education budget 5% of GDP

Adeeb Jawodani demanded in Lahore that the government should reserve 5% of the GDP for education.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-06-10/page-9/detail-13


Upgradation of Schools

Chami schools have been approved for upgradation, stated Pir Makhdoom Jhania.

Complete Story:http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-06-11/page-4


Important staff missing in Girls High School

In Kallar Sayyadan’s Girls High School of Nala Musalmana, there is a lack of important teaching staff.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-06-10/page-4


Faults in the newly-built school

The newly-built high school in Murree for Girls has plenty of faults in its structure.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/islamabad/2017-06-10/page-4


Pakistan Awareness Programme

Mobile University units have been delivering lectures in various schools across Lahore.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Lahore/2017-06-10/page-9/detail-21


Director colleges pays surprise visit to different colleges

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104253334&Issue=NP_FSB&Date=20170610


The government will revolutionize education, health sectors: Sheikh Iqbal

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104251787&Issue=NP_FSB&Date=20170610




Construction of Police station on Madrassa land

Haji Sarang Khan demanded in Hyderabad that the construction of Police station on a land belonging to a Madrassa must be stopped.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-06-12/Karachi/epaper_images/epaper_img_1497211039.gif


Education department and biometrics systems

The education department has made the biometrics system into an outlet to earn money.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-06-12/Karachi/epaper_images/epaper_img_1497211039.gif


Women teaching for free

Near Samaroo a women has been imparting education for free since the school in the area was closed due to lack of proper school officials by the education department.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/assets/nawaiwaqt/uploads/epaper/2017-06-12/Karachi/epaper_images/epaper_img_1497211039.gif



55pc children in Sindh out of school: report

Despite billions of rupees being spent on the education sector, 55 per cent children aged between five and 16 in Sindh are out of school, it emerged on Sunday. Among the out-of-school children, 61pc are girls, reflecting a disturbing gender disparity in school education.

Complete Story: https://www.dawn.com/news/1338905


SHC is not satisfied with the report on illegal appointments in education department      

SHC issued show cause notice to applicant Mumtaz Ali and former minister of education Pir Mazhar ul Haq

Complete story:https://jang.com.pk/epaper/328728


Teachers protest against non-payment of salaries

On behalf of Primary Teachers Rights Forum, teachers protested in front of press club.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256723&Issue=NP_SUK&Date=20170612    


Notice should be taken regarding usage of poor quality material for building schools

Chairman Union Committee 84 Hyderabad, Mehfooz Gadi said that poor quality material is being used to rebuild schools and strict action should be taken against those involved in this matter.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104253994&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170611


Civil society calls for child labour survey

According to SPARC's annual State of Pakistan's Children Report some 22.6 million children are still out of school in the country. This is in direct contradiction to Article 25-A of the constitution under which every Pakistani child between 5-16 years of age has the right to free and compulsory education. It has been over seven years since this law was passed and there still remain glaring gaps in its implementation, especially considering the plight of millions of children working as child laborers in various industries across the country.

Complete Story: http://dailytimes.com.pk/e-paper/2017-06-12/lahore/12190/90767


Former education minister and other educational officers given show-cause notice

Due to illegal appointments in the education department, the supreme court has issued show-cause notices to former Sindh education minister, Peer Mazhar-Ul-Haq and education officer, Mumtaz-Ul-Haq.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104251091&Issue=NP_KHI&Date=20170610


Increase in Education budget is good

Intikhab Suri stated in Karachi that increase in Education budget is a good thing but false allegations need to be put a stop to.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Karachi/2017-06-11/page-3/detail-24



Education Seminar

Minhaj Education Seminar to start on Sunday in Karachi.

Complete Story: http://www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk/E-Paper/Karachi/2017-06-11/page-3/detail-16





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Intermediate annual Practical

Multan: The Intermediate Annual Practical will be held from tomorrow on 13th June 2017. The Controller Examination and other concerned officers will be visiting the examination centers.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258568&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612


LLB form Submission Schedule

Multan: Zakaria University Multan declared the schedule of LLB form submission. 2th of June is the last date to submit the forms of LLB part one two and three without late fees.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104258568&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612


Zakaria University to extend 10 percent fees

Multan: Zakaria University has decided to increase 10 percent Student fees.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257247&Issue=NP_MUX&Date=20170612




Protest against stoppage of Teachers salary

District Qamber: The Teacher Rights forum continued protests against stoppage of Teachers salary, alleging that salary was stopped due to mismanagement in biometric system.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130521594&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170612





Protest against Quaid e Azam University management

District Qamber: A protest was held by Zilo Sanwario Jidojahad committee against cancellation of admissions Baloch and Sindhi Students from the campus.

Complete Story: http://sindhexpress.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=130521537&Issue=NP_HYD&Date=20170612


Protest against Quaid e Azam University

District Dadu: Sindhi Students Movement Taluka Mehar stood against Quaid e Azam University Management on termination of students from the campus.

Complete Story: http://www.dailyibrat.com/beta/pages/jpp_11062017212728.jpg


Karachi University cancels admission of 18 Students

Karachi: According to Director Admissions Karachi University admissions of 18 students, including 11 from morning and 7 from evening, have been cancelled after verification of their mark sheets.

Complete Story: https://jang.com.pk/epaper/329610




BSO continues protest on 33rd day

Quetta: The member of Balochistan Students Organisation and others continued hunger strike on 33rd day against the Vice Chancellor of Balochistan University.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256572&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612





Need to ensure teacher’s attendence

Pasheen: The District Chairman Provincial Secretary Information Pashtookhuwa Mili Awami Party Mr. Muhammad Essa Khan Roshaan has said there is need to ensure teachers attendence in Educational institutes for improvement of education.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/33897/593d8ffb6dc82


No place for Ghost teachers in District Ziyarat: DC

Ziyarat: Seventh convention of District Education Group was held under president ship of Deputy Commissioner Ziyarat Mr. Sayed Muhammad Afzal Khosti. It was decalred that no conmromise will be tolerated on standards of eduaction and there is no place for Ghost teachers in the district.

Complete Story: http://dailyazadiquetta.com/epaper/m/33891/593d8f7ab1f1a


Education system in Balochistan University is lumping

Quetta: The Provincial Vice President BSO Pachar Mr. Abdul Kareem Baloch is opined that education system in Balochistan University is lumping.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256387&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


Demand for favorable Educational atmosphere for poor students

Quetta: The Central President Senior Educational Staff Association Mr. Abdul Ghafar Kadezai has demdned to erase mismanagemet from educational institutes and there should be favorable educational atmosphere for poor students.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104256405&Issue=NP_QTA&Date=20170612


Khyber Pakhtunkhwa


Library Science National Conference at Peshawar University

Peshawar: A three days National Conference of Library Science Peshawar University will be starting from 15th june 2017.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/index.aspx?Issue=NP_PEW&Page=City_Page002&Date=20170612&Pageno=2&View=1


International Conference at Peshawar University

Peshawar: A three days International Conference under Economics Department at Peshawar University will be held from 17th August.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257789&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170612



Shortage of drinking water in College

Bajor Agency: The Government Degree College Khaar is facing acute shortage of safe drinking water.

Complete Story: https://www.express.com.pk/epaper/PoPupwindow.aspx?newsID=1104257063&Issue=NP_PEW&Date=20170612


Online registration in Engineering University

Peshawar: Online Registration of entry test of Engineering University and ETA will be completed today.

Complete Story: http://www.dailyaeen.com.pk/index.php?page=3&edition=peshawar&date=2017-06-12&type=newspaper


Closing Government Schools in failure of Government: Qazi Asad

Hari Pur: The former Provincial Minister for Higher Education Qazi Muhammad Asad has said that closing of Government Schools is failure of education emergency and Government; it is snatching rights from Students.

Complete Story: http://www.akhbarekhyber.com/epaper/edition/741/akhbar-e-khyber/page/4