10 Feb 2016

National Press:

*Khyber Pakhtunkhwa*

*Bill for Independence of Colleges*

Chairman PTI has given his consent to higher education department to draft the final bill for independence of colleges. However, a perception has come up that the independence is akin to privatization.

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*Student claims seeing ‘suspicious person’ clamber school wall* <http://tribune.com.pk/story/1043455/student-claims-seeing-suspicious-person-clamber-school-wall/>


Security guards of Umer Hayat Shaheed School in Charsadda started aerial firing when a student screamed near the boundary wall of the school, saying he saw “someone suspicious” on Tuesday. The student, Shahab of grade nine, said he saw someone leave, climbing over the school wall.


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*Future of country depends upon promotion of education*


Omar Orakzai, Regional Coordinator of *Alif Ailaan* has said that if the government only focuses upon health and education then the country will prosper in the right direction. It is the state’s responsibility to provide free education to children of 5 to 16 years of age. He also said that the biggest hurdle in girls’ education is that parents do not allow them to get education. 13.6 million Girls are out of school.


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*Firing by guards creates panic at Charsadda School*


A hoax about a militant attack on a school here on Tuesday panicked people and prompted security guards of the school to allegedly fire shots at a student who was reportedly scaling a rear wall of the building to flee.


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*Thousands of students enrolled*


Provincial Secretary Finance of PSO, Malik Omar has said that as a result of PSO’s historic movement, thousands of students got enrolled in the schools.


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*Public should send their children to schools*


Mayor, District Chairman and Provincial Secretary Information have said that the public should send their children to schools. The new academic year is about to start. Public should enhance the enrolment of schools.

Kabir Afghan of PSO has also asserted that their organization will lead a school admission movement in Balochistan.


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*Fees not refunded to students*


University of Balochistan had to reimbursement fees to students six months back. But the university administration is filling its own pockets with students’ money.


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* Islamabad*




*Financial aid for federal teachers’ heirs*


National Education Foundation has stated its new phase of handing over cheques to the heirs of deceased Federal Government Teachers. This series of aid had started back in 1994.


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*Transfer of school buildings from residential areas*


It has been decided in a meeting held under the chairmanship of Ch. Nisar that 350 schools working in residential areas will be shifted to non-residential areas.


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*Protest against ban on student unions*


ATI held a nationwide protest against the ban on student unions that was imposed back on 9th February, 1984. The participants urged Prime Minister, Chief Justice and Chairman HEC to remove ban on the student unions.

Similarly, Jamiat has also urged the government to restore the student unions.


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*Registration of Yusra Medical College suspended*


PMDC has suspended the registration of Yusra Medical College. Due to this, Yusra Medical College has been prohibited from making new admissions in this academic year.


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*NCHD to establish 12,000 literacy Centre’s*


The National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) has planned to set up

12,000 new literacy Centre’s in the country's less developed and remote areas. According to NCHD Chairperson Razina Alam Khan, PC-1 of the project was approved recently. She told reporters here on Tuesday that the Senate Committee on Education had observed that the non-formal education and adult literacy programme should reach the remotest, most backward and poorest of the poorer.


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*Admin allows prohibited bore licenses for schools*


The Punjab government has allowed issuance of licenses for prohibited bore weapons to private and government schools. District Coordination Officer

(DCO) Sajid Zafar Dal has directed all school heads to deposit Rs7, 000 each to the administration for the licenses.


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*HEC Delegation visits Bacha Khan University*


The Higher Education Commission (HEC) delegation, headed by Chairman Professor Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, visited the Bacha Khan University (BKU), Charsadda, on Tuesday to express solidarity with its management and offered 'fateha' for the departed souls of January 20 terrorist attack. The HEC chairman met university’s management and inquired about the health of faculty, students and others injured in the tragic incident.


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*NAB seeks help of NUML students in drive against corruption *


National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Director General (Awareness and

Prevention) Aliya Rashid has said that corruption is one of the major challenges and it must be checked and controlled with determination and resolve at the national level, from grassroots to the top. She was delivering a lecture at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) on the ‘Role of future mothers, wives and children in the fight against corruption,’ here on Tuesday, says a press release.


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*49 ghost employees in EDU Deptt identified*


Cases of 49 ghost employees in the Education Department are being sent to Anti-corruption department, said Executive District Officer Qazi Zahoor ul Haq. Talking to APP, the EDO said that 49 ghost employees were enrolled in the Education Department in different grades and they were detected after an inquiry.


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*Educational projects launched for brick-kiln workers’ children*


The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has employed District Monitoring & Evaluation Assistants (DM&EAs) to ensure smooth functioning of different public private partnership based educational programs for low income families at the district level in Punjab. This new tier at the grassroots will further augment the high standards of transparency and supervision so that educational targets could be well-achieved.


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*Action against absent teachers*


It has been decided to launch proceedings against the teachers who were absent from the Grade 5 exams. EDOs have been directed to make lists of such teachers.


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*Every kiln child to be enrolled in school: CM*


Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif paid a visit to village Jiya Bagga, 33 kilometers from Lahore, without any prior intimation and landed his helicopter near a brick-kiln. The purpose of the surprise visit of the chief minister was to review implementation of the decisions regarding elimination of child labour from brick-kilns. He reviewed the situation at three different brick-kilns of the village for several hours and also talked to the labourers over there.


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*Grade 8 exams*


Under the aegis of Punjab Examination Commission, the exams of Grade 8 will start from today.


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*Blind man appointed as guard*


A blind man has been appointed as a guard in Govt. Girls Primary School, Phularwan. He has been appointed in lieu of the CM’s commitment to give jobs to blind people.


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*Results announced by PU*


Punjab University has announced the results of 3rd and 4th Professional exam of D-Pharmacy. Schedule of submission of admission form B.Com Part II has also been issued.


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*Awareness walk in GCU*


An awareness walk was held in GCU yesterday regarding narcotics control. It was organized by Anti-Narcotics Force. Famous actors also participated in the walk.


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*Saira advises teachers to be honest with profession*


State Minister for National Health Services Regulations and Coordination, Saira Afzal Tarar has said that government is taking practical measures to weed out energy crisis, terrorism, extremism, poverty and unemployment from the country and load shedding will be eliminated soon.


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*TEVTA to start Chinese language course in four cities*


Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (Tevta) has decided to start Chinese language course in other cities of the province of Punjab.  According to a press release, three-month duration courses will be launched at Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Sialkot.


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*School safety program*


Governor Sindh, Dr. Ishrat ul Ibad has said that in the wake of terrorist threats for schools, it is imperative that an effective school safety program should be formed. Teachers and students should be protected in the case of any emergency.


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*Biometric system in Saanghar*


Biometric system has been installed in Saanghar for checking absenteeism of teachers. Nearly 20 ghost teachers were identified in the first phase of biometric registration.


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*Transfer of all the teachers from primary school of Goth Kamil Magsi*


In a strange move, all the teachers have been transferred form Primary School of Goth Kamil Khan Magsi. There are 250 students in that school.


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*Health and Education sector need efforts*


Director, Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, Prof. Adeeb Rizvi has said that we need to make more efforts in health and education sector for the prosperity of country. He expressed these views while giving a lecture in SIUT.


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*SSU Organises mock security drill at Jinnah varsity*


In light of the recent attacks on education institutions, the Special Security Unit (SSU) held a training activity, Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), at the Jinnah University for Women on Tuesday. Addressing the students and faculty, SSU SP Muhammad Muzaffar Iqbal said the SSU has been providing training to teachers, students, journalists and other individuals who might face terror threats to help them develop better defense mechanisms for such situations.


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*Mock terror exercise staged at Karachi women’s varsity*


Hundreds of students of the Jinnah University for Women on Tuesday attended Sindh police’s hostile environment awareness training on their campus which saw them screaming when the commandos of the Special Security Unit (SSU) staged a mock gun battle with armed attackers and killed them amid smoke, explosions and gunfire.


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*Our universities and narrative on terrorism **By Yasir Peerzada*


In 1947, literacy rate of western Pakistan and India were 16% and 18% respectively. Now the difference has increased by 20%. We should take notice of the reasons behind this gap very seriously.


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*Invest In education **by Dr. Atta-UR-Rahman*


The four pillars of progress are: high quality education; science & Technology; innovation and entrepreneurship; and a governance system that allows merit to prevail and offers quick and fair justice. Pakistan spends only about two percent of its GDP on education. For a nuclear state like Pakistan it is a shameful reality that we are ranked among the bottom nine countries of the world on this yardstick. This has been largely due to the stranglehold of the feudal system on our parliament which has given the lowest priority to education.


Complete Story: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/97196-Invest-in-education




*Education is a top priority **By Zafar Iqbal*


CM Punjab, Shehbaz Sharif has said that education is the top most priority of government. Resources won’t be constrained for education. so we can infer that we can only set priorities. It is Allah Almighty that decides their effectiveness.


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*Terrorist threats and academic institutes **By Adeeb Javedani*


The academic institutes of whole Pakistan have turned precarious after attacks on BKU and APS Peshawar. Public has also become disappointed with the government with regard to security situation.


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*Letters to the Editor*




*Teachers and students*


It is only due to teachers that a student becomes capable of being called as a knowledge seeker. Education enables a man to differentiate between right and wrong.


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*Books should be made tax free*


Books have a very important role in nation building. Book reading leads to mental maturity. In purview of this vitality of books, it is imperative that books should be made tax free.


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*Educated unemployed youth*


After passing the matric exam and getting electrical diploma, my son faced the issue of joblessness. No factory employed him. This has become a trend in Pakistan. If a person gets education then it is very hard for him to get jobs.


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*Appeal to secretary education schools*


Education Department has changed its recruitment policy for Assistant Education Officers. They will be tested for Urdu as well as other arts, commerce and science subjects.


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*Muslim Universities*


This refers to the article, ‘Muslim universities’ (January 31) by Dr Javaid Laghari. The writer has raised a number of issues in his article that require more discussion. To appoint vice chancellors, there should be university selection committees consisting of senior professors of respective universities. At present, the HEC seems to be least bothered about sticking to the qualification criteria with the result that several VCs are non-PhDs.


Complete Story: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/97156-Muslim-universities




*Students Robbed*


I write these lines as a worried parent to warn others that though the law and order situation in Karachi may have improved, criminals are still out there preying on the weak and the young. My niece who has just joined university was robbed at gunpoint a few days ago.


Complete Story: http://www.dawn.com/news/1238505




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Regional Press:

*Khyber Pakhtunkhwa*




*The watchmen rejects decision of 24 hours duty*


Buner:  The President, All Boner Class Four Bacha Khan, rejected the decision of watchmen duty of 24 hours in a meeting, held under the chairmanship of Chairman Wazirzada. He said it is the violation of the human rights; it is the duty of government to create new vacancies and appoint new watchmen. He warned, if the government did not take back the decision, then they will hold a protest demonstration against the forced duty.


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*Education plays important role in the nation building and development:

 Fazal Hakeem*


Peshawar: The Chairman, District Development Advisory Committee Fazal Hakeem Khan said that the provincial government is trying to take revolutionary changes in the education sector.


Complete Story:  Daily Khabrain, Peshawar, Page No. 8




*The Adhoc lecturers continue protest against non provision of permanent



Peshawar: The Adhoc lecturers protest continued against the non provision of permanent cadre, in front of Peshawar Press Club on second day. The Camp leads by the Adhoc Lecturers President Afsar Khan.


Complete story:  http://naibaat.com.pk/Presentation/peshawar/Page02.aspx


Daily Khabrain, Peshawar, Page No.3




*Security of schools is not responsibility of teachers: Muhammad Siraj*


Katlung: The District Education Officer, District Mardan, Mr. Muhammad Siraj said the security of the schools is not the responsibility of the teachers, showing seriousness on the FIR against the educational institute Heads in Mardan.


Complete Story:  Daily Surkhab, Peshawar, Page No. 3




*All steps will be taken to resolve teacher’s problems *


Pabbi: The SDEO Nowshera, Mr. Abdul Malik has surprise visit to Government Primary school Khan Sher Garhi Pabbi, checked the school records and issuing the orders for tightening the school security. He emphasized the teacher to provide quality education to the students and assured him that the department took all that measures through them we resolve the problems of the teachers.


Complete Story: Daily Aaj, Peshawar, Page No. 4




*Student protest demonstration against transfer of Culture University



Mardan:  The Provincial Leader, Pakhtun Students Federation, Mr. Majid Khan and others lead the student protest demonstration, taking play cards in hands, demanding that the Ameer Muhammad Khan Agricultural University is unsafe and it may be immediately transferred to Abdul Wali Khan University Garden Campus, otherwise the provincial government would be responsible in case of any loss.


Complete Story:  http://peshawar.ausaf.pk/?cat=10






*Closed schools should be restored: GTA*


District Zhob: The District President GTA Zhob, Mr. Fatah Khan Mandokhel, along with others, said two high schools building constructed with the investment of billions of rupees, but lamentably these schools are closed from the long time and are non-functional, which is loss of nation. They said public should put pressure to enable these schools.


Complete Story: http://e.jang.com.pk/02-10-2016/Quetta/page3.asp




*Deterioration of educational institutions, buildings changed into ruins *


District Pishin: Khanozai bears significant value in education, most of population is literate, but in surroundings of Khanozai many school buildings have been changed into ruins and children are getting education in open atmosphere.


Complete Story: Daily Mashriq Quetta, Page No. 6




*Sole primary school of Qili Sardah has become dilapidated*


District Quetta: The Primary School Qilli Sardah established in 1986 and is presenting view of archeological site due to the negligence of Education Department. Few desks, 2 teachers and only 25 candidates are the legacy of school. School teachers demanded from Government to reconstruct the school for continuation of education.


Complete Story: Daily Nai-Baat Quetta, Page No. 2




*Books availability should be ensured before the commencement of New Year:



District Quetta: The PSF in provincial statement demanded from High officials that books availability in Educational institutions should be ensured, before the commencement of New Year. PSF stated that previous years due to delay in books distribution children suffered a lot.


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*Public plays role for the progression of school admission campaign:

Pashtoonkhuwa Map*


District Quetta: The Pashtoonkhuwa Map officials appealed to public to admit their children in schools for eradication of ignorance and poverty.

Pashtoonkhuwa Map stated that no nation can deny the importance of education in development and ran campaigns for importance of Education and aware the giant portion of general public.


Complete Story: http://e.jang.com.pk/02-10-2016/Quetta/page2.asp








*Terrorist send a threatening letter to pilot school at Multan*


District Multan: A threatening letter was handed over to security guard of the Pilot Higher Secondary School Nawan Shehr Multan.  The security guard delivered the letter to the Principal which contained threatening language from a terrorist organization. The Principal contacted the Police and it beefed up the security of the school keeping in view the security threat.



Complete Story: Daily Naya Daur, Multan, Page No. 8


*People demands up gradation of elementary school*


District Layyah: The Residents of Chak No.638/TDA and new elected Union Council have demanded the up gradation of Government Elementary school to a High School, which was set up 40 years ago and has not been upgraded since then, whereas many other schools that were established much later have been upgraded.


Complete Story: Daily Naya Daur, Multan, Page No. 8


*Councilor appreciates efforts by teachers*


District Dera Ghazi Khan: Mr. Hasham Khan Gaddi, General Councilor, visited Jinnah Colony School, Jhoke Uttra and appreciated the efforts of the teachers, which caused better performance and good results of the students.

He demanded that DCO must appoint security guards and watchmen at the said School.


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*Anti Corruption registers case against school Head Master*


District Jamshoro: A case has been registered, against the Head Master Government main Primary School Sehwan, on his involvement in huge corruption of five lac rupees, funds for school maintenance and SMC.


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*Anti corruption demands record from treasury and education department*


District Badin: The Anti Corruption Department has demanded record from the treasury Office and education department, about the budget against restoration of schools and other. The departments have to submit the record, within 3 days.


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*School without teachers *


Karachi: The Government Primary school, village Haji Razo Jokhio, near Malir has been left without teachers after biometric verification. The teachers have been sent to their actual posting places, vacating the school.


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*High school building cleaned out, students worried about future *


District Dadu: The building of Government High School Manjhand city is left idle by the contractor, on the name of reconstruction. Even the building is cracked from different places.


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*School building looking as haunted house *


District Naushehro feroz: The Building of Government main Primary school Tharoo Shah has turned in to ruins and looking as haunted house. The building is tumbling from different parts.


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*Lecturers protest against Principal *


District Larkana: The Professors and Lecturers of Government Boys Degree College Larkana holds protest strike against Principal, demanding for his removal.


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*Teachers continue protest over nonpayment of salary*


District Khairpur Mirs: The teachers of other cadre, continued their protest strike for releasing of their salary.


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*1600 schools are without Head Masters: Director Schools *


Hyderabad: A Social Organization Alif Ailaan, working on education movement has declared in a report that budget of 16 Arab rupees for education of Sindh are not properly utilised for the last four years. According to report the total number of schools in Hyderabad district is 879 Primary, 68 Middle, 65 High schools and 16 higher schools are present; where 8654 teachers are deputed, but 38 schools are still dysfunctional. Likewise, countless schools are closed in other districts, having no basic facilities. The Director Schools Hyderabad has declared that 1600 Schools are running without Head Masters.


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*Primary school in crumbling condition *


District Badin: The building of Government main Boys Primary School, Union Council Khadhahro is completely ruined, due to carelessness of the higher authorities. The students have to sit on ground and study.


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*Protest against shortage of basic facilities and absence of teachers *


District Nushehro feroz: The students and their parents protested against the shortage of basic facilities, in Government Primary School, village Kamil Khan Magsi. The teachers are also absent for the last fifteen days.


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*Teachers protest for salary *


District Badin: The Teachers Action Committee held protest against the stoppage of salary of the teachers for the last seven months.


Complete Story: http://epaper.awamiawaz.com/fullsize/Page-03.jpg




*35 schools closed*


District Dadu: About 35 Schools of Kasbo area are dysfunctional, due to carelessness of the Education Department. The buildings are turned to sitting places of the local influential. The residents have protested against the closure of schools.


Complete Story: http://epaper.awamiawaz.com/fullsize/Page-03.jpg




*High school construction work could not be completed *


District Nushehro Feroz: The construction work of Government High school, Kotri Kabir, could not be completed since 2012.


Complete Story: http://www.dailyibrat.com/beta/pages/jpp_10022016020730.jpg




*Corruption cases filed against 100 employees of Education Department *


Karachi: Anti Corruption has filed a case of corruption against 100 employees of Education Department, including 40 former concerned bureaucrats. The report will be presented in Sindh Assembly.


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*Protest against transfer of teachers *


District Naushehro feroz: The Students of Government Girls Middle School, village Hakim zado Wistro, held protest against the transfer of schools Teachers.


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*More than 450 students compelled to study on ground *


District Naushehro Feroz: More than 450 students of Government Boys Primary School Shahbaz Colony are compelled to study on ground, due to shortage of basic facilities in the school.


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*Teachers protest against absence of DEO *


District Qamber Shahdadkot: The Teachers, from Wagan, protested against the absence of DEO, from his office, since many days.


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