1. Regional Campaign Lead for Alliances


Twenty four million Pakistani children between ages five and sixteen are currently out of school. Alif Ailaan is a campaign seeking to make education a central part of the national conversation in Pakistan and get these children into school. Media is a core competent of Alif Ailaan’s work and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the campaign’s messages are heard and education remains a key issue in the national conversation.

We are seeking applications for the position of Regional Campaign Lead for Alliances at Alif Ailaan. The candidate will be coordinating with the team of field Regional Campaign Organisers (RCOs) and assisting them in establishing networks at regional and local level with civil society organisations, for-profit and not-for profit organisations to advocate Alif Ailaan’s campaign objectives and turn them into coherent pressure groups. 


Following is a broad outline of the role and responsibilities:

  • Identify and provide support to existing local education alliances at provincial and district levels to bring them closer to our campaign objectives
  • Create and manage the main architecture for the region campaigns to establish their alliances platform
  • Support RCOs in forming relationships among the local NGOs, CBOs, social, for-profit, and civil society groups and associations
  • Arbitrate other civil society groups to appreciate and learn different strategies and tactics on campaigning for education
  • Coordinate with RCOs in gathering civil society organisations and groups together to create public pressure around education
  • Work with Alif Ailaan’s established social and parental groups in using them as the key instruments of engagement during the election times

Experience and Skills

The Regional Campaign Lead - Alliances must demonstrate the following qualifications and skill sets:

  1. A minimum of a 3 years Bachelor’s degree
  2. A minimum of 2 years of relevant working experience
  3. Strong understanding of Pakistan’s education landscape
  4. Excellent written, presentation and communication skills in both Urdu and English and preferably in one regional language
  5. Ability to spot and capitalise on key opportunities that may arise
  6. Co-operative working practices, sound professional and ethical practices


The ideal applicant will have exceptional interpersonal skills, a wide professional network, and demonstrate a keenness and passion for fundamental change in the status of education in Pakistan.


Applicants should submit a short resume and covering letter detailing their suitability for the role to by 1700 hours (PST) on February 10, 2017.


2. Regional Campaign Lead for Research


Position Overview

The Regional Campaign Lead for Research will be required to have a strong understanding of data analysis and data presentation skills and techniques. They will work closely with Heads of Community Engagement and Research as well as assist field based Regional Campaign Organisers in developing their understanding of data usage and its effective presentation.



Specific responsibilities will include the following:

  • Develop interface with the RCOs for mining data from the local education offices at district and sub-district levels and use it for campaigning
  • Assist in drafting and analysis for publications
  • Use the upcoming publications in developing the local campaigns at the regional level
  • Maintain updated data from various sources on education data concerning (not limited to) enrolment, literacy, retention, survival, infrastructure and quality
  • Ensure that all posts on digital media and factsheets have the most updated data on education
  • Compile and provide data factsheets to RCOs, journalists and politicians
  • Assist in the management of research publications including technical input and administrative support
  • Manage database of news bulletins
  • Assist other strands of the campaign if and when required
  • Provide support to RCOs in developing the infographics and other local IEC materials
  • Work with media strand in creating or facilitating case studies, newspaper articles and showcasing success stories around education


Reporting to:

The Regional Campaign Lead – Research will report to Head of Community Engagement while working closely with the Head of Research.